Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Judicial vindication for Artemis Sorras.

Artemis Sorras

Artemis Sorras and the E.N.D (End National Debt)  were solemnly vindicated by the court in a trial held two days ago. In the court was proved that the 600 billion $ do exist and that they' re available to the Greek state so as to pay its debt!

The Public Prosecutor ordered further investigation for Mr Provopoulos (former chairman of the Bank of Greece) and Mr Stournaras (minister of Finance). The entirire folder of the Sorras 600b$ case was sent to the minister of Finance at the request of the Prosecutor. Mr Sorras was sued by the -now- Minister of Health Mr Georgiades.


In detail (from a reader):

In the 28th of June 2013, was the trial of Mr. Adonis Georgiadis (Minister of Health) and Mr Dalavigka (journalist) against Mr Artemis Sorras and END. The court's decision is not GUILTY (in favor of Mr Sorras and END). The prosecutor's office asked the Minister of Finance, President of the Bank of Greece and each member concerned to apologize why they have not credited the Greek account through this amount of 600 billions $, which had been made before nine months. In short, the court upheld the deposit of € 600 billion in the name of Greek democracy ... 


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