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"Who cares about Greece?"

"Who cares about Greece? I' m waiting until Ireland goes on sale'' is the of ironic advertisement  of POWWOWNOW company.

This is the highly offensive to Greece, advertise of POWWOWNOW which offers telecommunications services, like skype.

According to the scenario, '' the super rich, and probably cynical businessman, nicknamed Cecil Goldwell, doesn' t care about Greece and waits until Ireland goes on sale like predator.

This is capitalism! Who's next? Britain? Maybe!

The Wörgl Experiment

Wörgl was the site of the "Miracle of Wörgl" during the Great Depression. It was started on the 31st of July 1932 with the issuing of "Certified Compensation Bills", a form of currency commonly known as Stamp Scrip, or Freigeld. This was an application of the monetary theories of the economist Silvio Gesell by the town's then mayor, Michael Unterguggenberger.
The experiment resulted in a growth in employment and meant that local government projects such as new houses, a reservoir, a ski jump and a bridge could all be completed, seeming to defy the depression in the rest of the country. Inflation and deflation are also reputed to have been non-existent for the duration of the experiment.[citation needed]
Despite attracting great interest at the time, including from French Premier Edouard Daladier and the economist Irving Fisher,[3] the "experiment" was terminated by the Austrian National Bank on the 1st September 1933 on the basis of the "Certified Compensation Bills" being a threat to the Bank's monopoly on printing money because there were other cities in Austria willing to join the experiment (Linz, Steyr and more).[4][5]
In 2006 milestones were placed, beginning from the railroad station through the downtown, to show this history, on top of questioning the authenticity of never-ending exponential growth triggered by the compound interest.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W%C3%B6rgl
Thursday, 21 June 2012

Greece is governed by banks and the New World Order

Anastasios Iliades

Watch out people of the world cause ...you are next!

Why an attempt of the complete abolition of the stateis taking place in Greece (Hellas)? 
In any kind of regime, authoritarian, democratic, oligarchic, etc., nothing can run without the existence of the state.! Today in Greece (Hellas) is attempted for the first time in history, implementation of an operating system on which the term "State" has no status. So any form of public service peripheral, state, municipal level should be repealed and all civil servants be dismissed .

Everything will work through a bank with electronic governance that will ensure the 'integration' of a citizen in the system under full control.

This is what G.A.PAPANDREOU built very quickly and the application is made from a specially trained expert in the program, and we mean Mr. Papademos, which provides:

  1. Issue of e-governance citizen's card.
  2. Gradual abolition of every function of every public service of the state.
  3. Integration of all stock transactions to the banks.
  4. Control of assets with ultimate aim every property goes to banks.
  5. Absolute workplace control with the ultimate goal of abolishing all payment because everything will be routed through distribution centers.
  6. Imposition of Genetic Mutated foods and generic drugs.

If any of these is not understood I will give you one example from each.

1 .. It will be required by all citizens to obtain government e-card, because without it they can not operate as Citizens. They will not be able to shop, have a right to work, to get a home, to vote, to create business, etc.

2 .. With the abolition of the state, every document, certificate, marriage license, including legal services, building permits, etc., will be made through special electronic services such as taxis net, so that public services and employees will not anymore be needed.

3 .. All payrolls, grants, insurance contributions, payments, etc., will be made through banks. Even the documents and checks will be conducted by banks. Benefits will be charged and will be arbitrary withholding of accounts.

4 .. The land records that never managed to  be completed, someone will realize, that Greece has already done it to the nearest millimeter, by satellite, and can always be printed, with much greater precision than any mechanical way, any surface on Earth. All real estate individuals will be taxed so that every property will eventually be owned by the banks.

5 .. Scaled payment will be preset, for work and retirement at the end of each year to the next, depending on the income of the country, workers will not receive it because it will be deposited into an account and will they not have the right to take it because their obligations will be paid . They can not have money in their hands. That's excess fees by the end of each year will be retained by the state for the sake of the whole and the security of the country.

6 .. With wind and solar subsidies the country will become  a vast garbage dump which is designed to use only materials of German industry and not the mineral wealth of the country.

7 .. Subsidizing their agricultural produce genetic with mutant seeds and products ancient trees of our country, such as olive, walnut, cherry, etc are destroyed.

All this will happen soon in our country, and indeed to the attention of our politicians who seem unable to react and choose to be with the powerful than with the fear.!

Mr. PAPADEMOS as an expert in the program of NEW ORDER THINGS laid the foundations of the second memorandum, and if the parties that support it  win 181 seats everything will according to the Greek (Hellenic) Costitution, then Greece will be the first country in the world to be governed by the new world order.


source: kostasxan.blogspot.gr

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sorry we did not change the world!

Greeks voted YES to austerity! The terror that was spread by the eurofascists worked in the weak hearts of -mostly- the aged who consist the majority of the greek population! Even the "deads" got up to vote for ND being afraid they might lose their pensions (propaganda of all the major media in Greece targeting the old aged). The week before the elections ANTENNA channel convinced the Greeks that the cows will stop producing milk if Greece returns to Drachma meaning if they vote for SYRIZA. Austerity and death of economy (and of Greeks) is the only way according to the "ruling class" of Greece. 
The official results, with 69.19% of the votes counted, by the Interior Ministry:
1. NEW DEMOCRACY: 30.11% - 130 seats
2. SYRIZA: 26.49% - 70 seats
3. PASOK: 12.60% 34 seats
4. INDEPENDENT GREEKS 7.43% 20 seats
5. GOLDEN DAWN  6.93% 18 seats
6. DEMOCRATIC LEFT 6.05% 16 seats
7. KKE 4.52% 12 seats
Greece surrendered on June 17 2012!
I apologize to those who trusted us to save the world! I still hope though!
The real winner of the Greek elections, as someone said, is ...Merkel!
Sunday, 17 June 2012

Greece (Hellas) defeats Russia and takes a seat in quarterfinals

WARSAW, Poland – Giorgos Karagounis put Greece into the European Championship quarterfinals Saturday, scoring just before halftime to give the 2004 European champions a 1-0 victory Russia that eliminated the Russians.
Karagounis, in his record-tying 120th international appearance, sent a low shot under Russia goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev with the final touch of the first half. The Greeks then did what they do best: defend.

Even as the Greeks closed down at the back, Karagounis thought he won a penalty when he made contact with Sergei Ignashevich in the area, but Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson instead booked the Greece captain for a dive, meaning he will miss the quarterfinals.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Scandal! Germany’s Financial Times Calls Greeks to Vote for ND

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Unbelievable! Financial Times Germany (FTD) calls Greeks to cast their vote on Sunday in favor of pro-bailout conservative Nea Dimocratia! In the unprecendeted bold op-ed article with the title “Resist to the  Demagogue” Financial Times Deutschland claims this is its recommendation for the Greek voters on June 17.
 ”Greeks make a historical voting decision on Sunday – even though results as well as consequences are not clear. FTD tells in its vote recommendation, for whom the Greeks should vote,” writes FTD in the article lead.
The despicable attempt to manipulation of voters that raises a lot of questions about what exact interests the FTD represent, reads:
Recommendation to voters: FTD and the majority of the Greeks have a common interest : that your country must remain in the euro.
On Sunday historical elections take place that will be decisive on this issue as well as for the future of the common European currency. Therefore the FTD makes a recommendation to the Greek voters as an exceptional move. Something that the FTD does also for German and EU parliament elections.
 Among others the article claims that Greece can remain in the Euro zone only with parties that accept the terms of the international lenders.
 ”Resist to demagogy of Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA. Do not trust their promises that the denouncement of the loan agreements is possible without consequences.
Your country finally needs a functioning state. For your smooth governance we recommend Nea Dimocratia, even thought the recommendation is half-hearted…The best option for your country would be a coalition government with Antonis Samaras as leader and not Alexis Tsipras…..” and so on, and so on…
If you have a strong stomach, read the full op-ed in Greek Here and in German Here  (this is addressed to non-Greek speaking, 2nd and 3rd generation migrants in Germany, I assume)
Home of Spitting Llamas…
Reactions on FTD page
As expected the article triggered outrage among its readers, Greeks but also Germans.
One commented that it looks like a “pre-paid ad by SIEMENS and Ferrostaal” [the two German companies that massively bribed Greek politicians to secure state contracts in telecommunications and submarines).
Another wrote: “Dear Fourth Reich. You just can’t stay out of our business, can you?”
The comment of one guy who wrote: “very convincing article…thank you so much FT…now i’m sure that my decision is the right one…i will vote SYRIZA…” was ‘applauded’ by many Greek FTD visitors and some also advised “We’ll send Samaras to Germany… YES!”
Others speak of “disgrace”, of the “FTD and the German establishment “in panic”, of “provocations” and “threats” garnished with a lot of eF-words.
SYRIZA’s Reaction
SYRIZA reacted strongly and described the article a “Blatant Intervention”
ND’s Reaction
Offended is not only SYRIZA but also nea Dimocratia. In a sharp statement, ND said “Greeks are proud people. We know who we vote for. Make  “Recommendations” somewhere else. Make fixed-provocations, short before the elections, somewhere else.”
Interestinig note: FTD totally turns its back to PASOK, the party that took Greece to bailout. No PASOK complains so far… he!he!
PS I wouldn’t know that I have a common interest with Financial Times Deutschland? Unless they offer me a job

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Liberation: Greece cradle of an other world!

No, what happens in Greece, though dramatic, is not a disaster. It is also an opportunity. Because the power of money has, for the first time, exceeded a target rate of previously progressive, thorough and carefully organized destruction of public interest and human dignity. And in a country so famous for its philosophy of life, the antithesis of the Anglo-Saxonic model, and famous for his tireless resistance to the multiple forms of oppression that tried to rein it.

The Greek does not dance and will never dance on one leg, nor bend slavishly or anything else the regimes want him to do. He dances with his hands, as if he is to fly to the stars. He writes on the walls what he'd like to read elsewhere. He burns a bank when he no longer affords to bake with the traditional barbecue. The Greeks are so alive, as the ideology of the deadly threat. And if the Greek is sickened to death, at the end he always gets up. Yes, the economy of Europe wanted to create an example. But amid the frustration of hitting the country that seemed weaker in the euro area, in the extreme violence the masks fell. It is now more than ever, the time for us to demonstrate its true face: that of totalitarianism. Because this is really what is all about. And there is only one answer to totalitarianism: the fight, persistent and tenacious, until the battle, if necessary, since the very existence jeopardized . We have one world, one life, and values ​​to defend. Everywhere the streets are our brothers, our sisters, our children, our parents, who are  hit in front of our eyes, even if they are away. They are hungry, cold and we are with them. All the hits that they receive equally injure us. Every child in Greece who faints at school, invites us to resentment and rebellion. For the Greeks, it is time to say no, and, for all of us, it's time to support them. Because the Greek people are now leading the battle against economic totalitarianism, everywhere destroying public property, threatening their daily survival, spreading despair, fear and indolence through a war of all against all.

Apart from an emotional anger that is defused by destroying the symbols of oppression, Greeks develop a clear anger, the fighters who refused to give their very lives for the benefit of the banking mafia and logic, that of "mad money". In the assemblies of direct democracy, the movement of civil disobedience movement "We do not pay" and the first experiences of self management, a new Greece emerges at this time, it rejects the tyranny of the market on behalf of the people. I do not know how long it will get people to free themselves from their voluntary work, but it is certain that, faced with the absurdity of client politics, corrupt democracy, the rule of grotesque cynicism of banksters (bank mafia) they will have only the option-against any blackmail - to manage thei affairs on their own.

Greece is our past.
It is also our future.
Discover with her again!
In 2012 we all become Greek!


Due to its geography and geopolitics, Greece will be in play for years to come, argues Robert D. Kaplan.
Robert D. Kaplan is Chief Geopolitical Analyst for Stratfor, a Texas-based global intelligence company.
"Greece is where the West both begins and ends. The West -- as a humanist ideal -- began in ancient Athens where compassion for the individual began to replace the crushing brutality of the nearby civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. The war that Herodotus chronicles between Greece and Persia in the 5th century B.C. established a contrast between West and East that has persisted for millennia.
Greece is Christian, but it is also Eastern Orthodox, as spiritually close to Russia as it is to the West, and geographically equidistant between Brussels and Moscow. Greece may have invented the West with the democratic innovations of the Age of Pericles, but for more than a thousand years it was a child of Byzantine and Turkish despotism.
And while Greece was the northwestern bastion of the anciently civilised Near East, ever since history moved north into colder climates following the collapse of Rome, the inhabitants of Peninsular Greece have found themselves at the poor, southeastern extremity of Europe.
Modern Greece in particular has struggled against this bifurcated legacy. In an early 20th century replay of the Greco-Persian Wars, Greece's post-World War I military struggle with Turkey led to a signal Greek defeat and as a consequence, more than a million ethnic Greeks from Asia Minor escaped to Greece proper, further impoverishing the country. (This Greek diaspora in Asia Minor was a massive source of revenue until the Greeks were expelled.)
Not only did World War I have a bloody and epic coda in Greece, so did World War II, which was followed by a civil war between rightists and communists. Greece's ultimate escape from the Warsaw Pact was a rather close-run affair: again, the effect of Greece's unstable geographical location between East and West.
Greece struggled on. As recently as the mid-1970s it was governed by a particularly brutal military dictatorship (led by colonels from the backwater of the Peloponnese), which lasted for seven years, and fear of another coup persisted during the initial stage of its reborn democracy.
Even though the Olympic tradition began in Greece in antiquity and the first modern Olympics were held in Greece in 1896, Greece was denied the right to host the centenary modern Olympics in 1996 owing to the country's lack of preparedness in organisation and infrastructure. Greece did host the 2004 Olympics, but the financial strain that the games put on Greece contributed to the country's economic fragility in the run-up to the current debt crisis.

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Abstract: Thereafter some inconvenient background for the G8 at Camp David. Who does that Merkler take herself for?
Hitler started his career in 1920 as a pawn of the antijewish plutocrat Henry Ford, and Dr H. Schacht, himself a pawn of JP Morgan. By turning the Peoples of Europe into the serfs of banksters, and of some the world’s richest, and most evil men, Merkel is pursuing a similar project. Thus she is morphing into Hitler, Time magazine Man of the Year of 1938.
Some will scream: “Merkel into Merkler? Not so, are you crazy? Merkel does not hate Jews!” Well, maybe she does not hate Jews,but she sure does act as if she hated the Greeks. To death, literally. And soon, all other Europeans, with the same machine she is killing Greeks with.
Hitler was viewed by most, until 1938, as a saint and a genius. Did not he bring the Volkswagen? VW is doing very well, indeed, and maybe all too well (it now owns Porsche, which founded it, at Hitler’s urging, and some localities in Greece buy more of the most expensive Porsche… Than anywhere else in the world… An indication, among many, that Greece corruption is partly tied in to some Teutonic manipulations).  
The evidence is that Germany profitted most from the present European Monetary Union. So why does it now want those who profitted less to commit socio-economic suicide, after living on their knees?
Things changed with Hitler in 1939, when France’s call to arms against Hitler bore fruit. In any case, the mechanism is exactly the same as in the 1930s: a plutocratic machine of some of the world’s richest men is devouring all in the way, and the German Chancellor finds righteous reason to enforce that disgusting repast.
(Speaking of righteous, Germany did not pay reparations to Greece after WWII commensurate with the devastation and occupation it visited on that country: a few dozen millions, when the reality is more like a trillion.)
Hitler advertized himself as a man of peace. Was not he following the analysis and implied prescriptions of Keynes in “The Economic Consequences Of Peace“? Keynes decried the Versailles Treaty. Keynes had observed in 1919 that France insisted to make Eastern Europe independent of Germany. Thus French obstinacy (re)created the nations of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc… This, observed Keynes, was a threat to the great German Reich, and thus to peace. Hitler, comforted by creatures such as H. Schacht, head of the German Central Bank, but, more fundamentally, a pawn of JP Morgan, knew that American industrialists and bankers would support him.  
Hitler, the man of peace, the man who was screaming about peace, was also strongly supported by the Pope Pie XII, and by Gandhi (who tried his best to block the vote to allow India to join Britain and France against Hitler). Most Germans supported Hitler, because they felt it was righteous to recover huge territories to the east that Germany used to possess, or control. When they understood that France would have none of it, and had stiffened the spines of Britain, and then Poland, instead of killing Hitler, as was their moral duty, the Germans persevered in their diabolical error, a hopeless war, fought all the way inside German cities in 1945.
So now what? We have an insane system for the European Monetary Union. The problem is not the fact that there is a single currency as all too many American partisans (Krugman, etc.) persisted to claim all too long (in all justice, Krugman has become more subtle recently… some of the time).
The pain of the People is the pleasure of plutocrats. The flaw of the EMU is that sovereign states are supposed to borrow from private bankers. The states are like pigeons, begging for crumbs from Dimon and other daemons… The existing EMU is an institution of plutocracy (rule of wealth) to finance… democracy (which is what Europe is supposed to be!)
The private banks get money at 1% from the ECB, and lend it back at enormous rates to the sovereign states… Which have no choice, but to borrow more as the old debt rolls out.
So the banksters right now charge according to their good pleasure; 1.42% for Germany (ten year), 1.72% for France, and above 5% or 6% for Spain and Italy.
… And up to above 100% for Greece. That is why the Greek debt skyrocketed! Because of the conspiracy of the world’s richest men… Literally. As I said in the preceding essay, the (apparently criminal) Buffet rigged the game, holding and owning all positions of all the main actors. Buffet, of course, is best friend with his admirer Obama and his collaborator and accomplice Bill Gates (whose Foundation feeds Monsanto, etc.) The vultures are not so many, they all know each other.

So who does the leader of Germany accuse for the exploding interest rates? The Greek People today, and tomorrow, obviously, everybody else. Did she learn anything from the Nazis’ gory death?
Did Hitler realize how universally despised and hated a character he had turned into? When did the Germans realize they had elected a monster? When did they realize they had launched abominable policies? 1945?
When Angela Merkel became Chancellor, she extended the policies of her socialist predecessor, Schroeder. Zehr gut. Then she instituted Kurzarbeit, a distinctly socialist policy, infused with central planning and state intervention. She boosted state spending by 10% (an enormous stimulus). With the inner devaluation of lowering charges on companies, and an increased Added Value Tax, she was able to confer an advantage to Germany from the 2008 financial crisis. Zehr gut again.
Having thus injected the German economy with steroids, selling a lot of goods and projects to the European periphery, which could not afford them, was part of the German superiority trick, and the largest private banks in Europe were some of the agents which made it so. Those should be punished. Instead, they are rewarded by the ECB.
Massive bank bankruptcies threatened. The sovereign states stepped in, and are now themselves threatened with bankruptcies. At that point the not so good Kanzler comes finally forward to say “Nein!”. It would be funny, if it were theater.