Saturday, 12 March 2011

German War Reparation to Greece!

According to the Paris Peace Treaties (Paris 1947) Germany owes Greece War Reparations estimated (with the interests) about one (1) trillion euros! The issue came up the past few months along with the so called bankruptcy and became a popular demand (the payment) after the unacceptable articles, shows and commercials in Germany attacking Greeks showing them as the corrupted, lazy Balkanian living out of the "German tax payer" money.

It is a general belief in Greece that German major companies such as Siemens and Thyssen Crupp are some of the reasons of corruption in Greece. Siemens has strong "relations" with the greek political system since the 50's and recent disclosures show "sponsoring" with milions of euros for the two major political parties in Greece, PASOK and NEA DIMOKRATIA.
Thyssen Crupp is also ingaged in a major scandal with the non functional submarines that costed 1,5 billion euros. Greeks believe that they have paid large amount of money to the Germans (Subway, National Airport, National roads etc.) because of their "relation" with the politicians and also believe that it is the same mechanism that makes German economy (economy is a greek word: οικονομία meaning the law=νόμος of the house=οίκος) strong and other economies weak! That Germany gained the most out of the nomismatic union!

According to Eurostat regulations if Greece enregister this german debt of the war reperations to its state budget, automatically (automatic comes from the greek word, αυτόματο) becomes a surplus budget. Germany must also enregister  this debt and its state budget will become deficit, will not meet the MAASTRICHT criteria and german economy must be under surveillance. ...see video

German leadership is aware of that fact and, in order to avoid it, placed a condition in the MEMORANDUM OF ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL POLICIES signed by GREECE, EE and the IMF. This condition orders that Greece cannot enregister to its state budget debts of other countries. The problem (for Germany) is that Greece can override this condition because the MEMORANDUM is against the greek constitution which defines that in order to be active must be voted by the 2/3 of the parliamen which ofcourse did not happen.

So Mr Papandreou' s governance must be kept on or else who knows what will happen if suddenly another greek govermen decide (legitimatelly) that the MEMORANDUM is no longer active?

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