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We express our sympathy to those affected by Hurricane SANDY

Sandy's mammoth wake: 46 dead, millions without power, transit

Storm's impact to widen as it disperses north to Canada, south to Tennessee

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Patriotism and the 'Modern World'

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29 OCTOBER 1940

The invasion of Greece is a triple crime. An unprovoked assault on one small nation, launched on an even flimsier excuse than usual, is no surprise; it belongs to the brutal pattern of this war. It is no surprise that Fascist Italy celebrates its eighteenth birthday by using the soil of one weak neighboor, similarly invaded, to deliver an attack upon another. Thus does fascism fulfill itself. The grandeur that was Rome has declined to the mean brevado of a bully, striking at those who are not expected to strike back.

But the Greeks in this hour, outnumbered as they are, poor in the instruments of modern war, remember and defend the glory that was Greece. They recognize at once that this is a fight for independence, for the survival of all small nations. Whatever happens, their instant determination to "prove worthy of our ancestors" and of our freedom" vindicates the heroic tradition of Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis and establishes once more the title to nationhood of a brave and ancient people.

The attack on Greece is not only a crime against Greece an the law and civilization Rome was once proud to symbolize. It ia direct threat to the sole remaining bloc of "neutral" states. By this move the war-makers have wantonly dragged into danger the very nations they claim to protect and control. The Bulgarian hope to gain an outlet to the Aegean out of this expedition and Yugoslavia is completely encircled. If a major struggle develope over Greece, the Balkans and Turkey will sooner or later be drawn in.

Out of the confusion of rumors and contradictory reports two main questions suggest themselves. First, is the Italian move conceived as a diversion and in this case can the British, heavily engaged in defending England and Egypt, afford to draw large naval and air forces from these vital spots? Second, why does Hitler rush to Florence to confer with Mussolini just as the Italians start the drive on Greece? Can it be that Duce moves ahead of time in order to confront his partner with a fait accompli? These and other questions will soon be answered, but the raid on Greece confirms what Hitler' s diplomatic offensive already emphasizes. The two dictators are in a desperate hurry. From their wiewpont Greece is merely an obstacle to the lock-up of the Balkans, a springboard for an attck on Egypt. But in our wiew, whatever happens, its stand is a bright sign in the darkness. In its long story Hellas has never been a Great Power; It has survived many invations and defeats because it is what its few million people remain in their resistence today -a great nation.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The E.N.D. is back!

Three days ago the lawer of Artemis Sorras George Papadakis, filed and extrajudicial that was sent to the Greek Government, the Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Greece and the prosecutor of the Supreme Court. According to Mr. Sorras' s  extrajudicial claims that he was halted by false reports in the press and the internet while was trying to help Greece with his money. 

The full text is below:


Mr Sorras claims that his proposal to the greek government was never examined as it should be. Ηe says it is the duty of politicians to consider the proposal, as it is for the interest of Greece, otherwise they will be sued for treason.


600 billion Dollars deposited from abroad Greeks , to erase the debt!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Macedonia - The Ashmolean Museum's Testimony 2011

Ein Lied für Argyris

CH 2006, 105 Min, FSK 12

DISTOMO, ein kleines Bauerndorf in Griechenland. Hier übersteht der kaum vier Jahre alte Argyris, was die meisten Bewohner seines Heimatdorfes nicht überleben: Innerhalb von wenigen Stunden verliert er seine Eltern und 30 weitere Familienangehörige durch ein Massaker der Nationalsozialisten. Die ganze Unfassbarkeit des Krieges -- wie lebt man mit einer solchen Geschichte? Argyris Sfountouris, mittlerweile 66 Jahre alt, ein Mann von gewinnendem Charme und melancholischer Heiterkeit, hat sich Zeit seines Lebens mit dem Wahnsinn auseinandergesetzt, der ihm als Kind widerfahren ist. Er hat versucht, nicht etwa ‚innerlich' damit fertig zu werden oder ‚abzuschließen', sondern damit leben zu lernen -- und sein Möglichstes zu tun, damit sich sein Schicksal nicht wiederholt. Wenn Argyris, der immer wieder den Dialog mit dem offiziellen Deutschland sucht, das sich bislang weigert, die Opfer von Distomo zu entschädigen, nochmals an den Ort seines Traumas reist, dann geht das mehr unter die Haut als ein dramatisch inszenierter historischer Spielfilm. Nach ELISABETH KÜBLER-ROSS -- DEM TOD INS GESICHT SEHEN ist Stefan Haupt erneut ein meisterhafter Dokumentarfilm geglückt, der noch lange nachwirkt.

„Ein beeindruckendes Porträt!" (Der Tagesspiegel)
„Ebenso anrührend wie bedeutsam" (filmdienst)
„So wertvoll kann Dokumentarkino sein" (Kölner Stadtanzeiger)
„Dem Sog dieses Films ist nicht zu widerstehen. Aber Fragen muss sich der Zuschauer selbst beantworten. Aktiv zu werden -- das ist die beste Wirkung des Films." 
(konkret, Film des Monats)
„Eine Hymne an das Leben!" (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Photograph links Germans to 1915 Armenia genocide


Newly discovered picture shows Kaiser's officers at scene of Turkish atrocity

The photograph – never published before – was apparently taken in the summer of 1915. Human skulls are scattered over the earth. They are all that remain of a handful of Armenians slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks during the First World War. Behind the skulls, posing for the camera, are three Turkish officers in tall, soft hats and a man, on the far right, who is dressed in Kurdish clothes. But the two other men are Germans, both dressed in the military flat caps, belts and tunics of the Kaiserreichsheer, the Imperial German Army. It is an atrocity snapshot – just like those pictures the Nazis took of their soldiers posing before Jewish Holocaust victims a quarter of a century later.
Did the Germans participate in the mass killing of Christian Armenians in 1915? This is not the first photograph of its kind; yet hitherto the Germans have been largely absolved of crimes against humanity during the first holocaust of the 20th century. German diplomats in Turkish provinces during the First World War recorded the forced deportations and mass killing of a million and a half Armenian civilians with both horror and denunciation of the Ottoman Turks, calling the Turkish militia-killers "scum". German parliamentarians condemned the slaughter in the Reichstag.
Indeed, a German army medical officer, Armin Wegner, risked his life to take harrowing photographs of dying and dead Armenians during the genocide. In 1933, Wegner pleaded with Hitler on behalf of German Jews, asking what would become of Germany if he continued his persecution. He was arrested and tortured by the Gestapo and is today recognised at the Yad Vashem Jewish Holocaust memorial in Israel; some of his ashes are buried at the Armenian Genocide Museum in the capital, Yerevan.
It is this same Armenian institution and its energetic director, Hayk Demoyan, which discovered this latest photograph. It was found with other pictures of Turks standing beside skulls, the photographs attached to a long-lost survivor's testimony. All appear to have been taken at a location identified as "Yerznka" – the town of Erzinjan, many of whose inhabitants were murdered on the road to Erzerum. Erzinjan was briefly captured by Russian General Nikolai Yudenich from the Turkish 3rd Army in June of 1916, and Armenians fighting on the Russian side were able to gather much photographic and documentary evidence of the genocide against their people the previous year. Russian newspapers – also archived at the Yerevan museum – printed graphic photographs of the killing fields. Then the Russians were forced to withdraw.
Wegner took many photographs at the end of the deportation trail in what is now northern Syria, where tens of thousands of Armenians died of cholera and dysentery in primitive concentration camps. However, the museum in Yerevan has recently uncovered more photos taken in Rakka and Ras al-Ayn, apparently in secret by Armenian survivors. One picture – captioned in Armenian, "A caravan of Armenian refugees at Ras al-Ayn" – shows tents and refugees. The photograph seems to have been shot from a balcony overlooking the camp.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Imperial trap for Berlin

Excerpt from the article: The "triangle" of the crisis, the "friendly" advice of the City to the Germans or the Imperial trap for Berlin EPIKERA magazine 156th issue.

When the disaster occurs,  when the dust settles, the people of Europe will begin to blame each other and everyone will blame the Greeks. The Germans and other Europeans leaders blame Greece as responsible for all the ills of Europe.

.... In late September, the Financial Times of London published an unusually brutal editorial, urging the EU, ECB and IMF to avoid paying Greece the sixth installment of the agreed loan. The editorial explained that Greece was not required to respond to international financial obligations until the end of the year. If not paid by installment, the Greek government would be unable to pay the salaries and pensions, the editorial stated, representing investors and broker of the City. (In the weeks that followed the publication of the editorial, the Greek government faced the threat of interruption of funding, began operating under the rule of absolute confusion and panic, slaughtering virtually all social classes under the supervision of the troika which was sent to Greece and in fact acted as a high level economic killer .)

The Brits know the Greeks and the Germans much better than what the Greeks and the Germans know themselves. Fought against them and defeated them repeatedly and in different ways. Investors and traders in the City may provide a possible outcome if followed their advice - and it is followed. Their advice will accelerate the destruction of Greece, resulting that Greece and Europe will be watered down so much that they will not be able to deal with them. It is also likely that the Greek people will be pushed out sooner or later to some kind of insurrection or rebellion, first against the Greek government, but probably against Germany and the EU. Someone can not criticize the Greeks. They made the second most important European revolution after the French and convened a National Assembly in 1822, when Napoleon was defeated and the Holy Alliance that ruled Europe at the time condemned any rebellion. Also organized the most massive resistance movement during World War II, taking into account the country's population.

Investors and traders in the City also know very well the German temperament, they know that Germans love discipline to the same extent that the Greeks love rebellion. They believe that Berlin would react to an uprising in Greece with a hard, rigid and non-political way. Germany and the EU's political and economic weight are able to induce in Greece an even bigger disaster than it' s already been caused by their policies - and with the cooperation of the Greek government. But do not have the means to avoid the financial and mainly political, ideological and geopolitical implications of the destruction of a small but simultaneously the most historical country in Europe. They can do it, and probably will, but this will accelerate their destruction. If after their adventures in the Middle East Americans rely on the "law of unintended consequences", we should introduce in Europe the new "law of asymmetric effects."

The idea of ​​political unification of Europe will accept a mortal blow. Already the political climate in Europe is poisoned. Both the "rich" and the "poor" Eurozone countries have begun to protest against the" assistance" to Greece, ignoring the fact that the Greeks are not helped in any way,  the banks are and they destroy Greece, and in some cases they speculate and profit from the difficulties of a member country of the EU. Everyone in Europe has begun to seek national solutions. In France, which has always been the political barometer of the whole continent, the fascist National Front of Marine Le Pen is now a socially acceptable political power. The fundamental political office that created and maintained postwar prosperity, democracy and peace in Europe is undermined rapidly before our eyes.

When the disaster occurs  when the dust settles, the people of Europe will begin to blame each other and everyone will blame the Greeks. The Germans and other Europeans leaders blame  Greece as responsible for all the ills of Europe and invoke as a pretext for an excuse to impose draconian economic and social policies in Germany and Europe. From their side Greeks will be disappointed because they are refused to Europe, to which they were oriented for two and a half centuries.They will not turn against the "markets" because they have no "address" and "phone number", but against Europe and especially Germany, accusing them for the destruction of their country -for the second time in less than a century. They will remember that the Germans did not pay war reparations and did not return the gold they stole from the Bank of Greece. They will reopen the contracts case of Siemens and other companies, given that European companies massively bribe Greek politicians. The International Herald Tribune, Time and the Financial Times will publish a story about hunger in Athens or analyze the weakness of Europeans to solving their problems. The implication of such a development are obvious. First of all, the image of the social catastrophe in Greece will be used to terrorize all European citizens to accept the salaries and pensions that banks will allow governments to give them. Second, all but the Germans will come to the same conclusion: "The Germans do not change." They remain the same. We can not trust them.

This is exactly the fundamental psychological and ideological mechanism used after the Second World War by the Empire to dominate over in Germany and Europe, to keep the continent divided and dependent, despite the economic, social, and spiritual achievements. And it will be a historic irony if the German nationalism contribute once again to undermine the German national interests ....
Friday, 19 October 2012

Cohn-Bendit: Germany must pay for Greek debt

Germany should pay for Greek debt, said the MEP Daniel Cohn Bendit, noting that Greece participated in the restructuring of the debt of Germany after the Second World War.

MEP, known for his support towards the Greek positions since the beginning of the crisis, in an interview to the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, said that the  move ( of Greece) helped the Federal Republic of Germany to stand on her feet.
Monday, 15 October 2012

GREEK AEGEAN BONANZA: New study confirms potential Greek wealth

A new study commissioned by Antonis Samaras vindicates The Slog’s engineering sources, who have long said that Greece’s undersea wealth was being deliberately understated

I was told categorically during 201o that American engineers working for previous Greek governments had deliberately understated the energy and rare earths potential beneath Greece’s territorial waters. An entirely different but equally qualified source told me the following year that the EU was fully aware of the ploy. Ever since then, The Slog has consistently maintained that, behind the demands of the Troika, a tussle was going on between the US and the EU as to who could benefit most from the country’s mineral and energy potential. Now a new study strongly supports that view.
Greece has “at least” $600 billion worth of gas and oil reserves beneath its territorial waters, according to a new study presented to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras within the last few months. Reuters has also confirmed the story.
Collating all the scientific data available, the study says geological similarities indicate that reserves off Crete alone should match the prolific Levantine Basin, the Israeli and Cypriot discoveries mainly are. Estimates suggest that to the south of Crete lie a minimum of 3.5 trillion cubic metres (tcm) of gas – apparently enough to cover around six years of EU demand. The site almost certainly has roughly 1.5 billion barrels of oil in addition to the gas find. - It's not science fiction anymore.
There's a distinct possibility that the universe, our life, and everything around us are part of a vast, living and 3D holographic simulation conducted by "someone" invisible and superior to everything known in the universe!
Is it the ultimate computer game of the superior ones?
Ancient thinkers pondered the dilemma - whether the universe that we currently inhabit is a numerical simulation performed by our distant descendants.

A vast scientific literature is also devoted to exploration of various aspects of our universe as a computer simulation. Modern scientists seriously ponder a scientific conundrum: Is it all just a perfect extensive simulation; is nothing real?
How to find out?
Already in 2003, professor Nick Bostrom at the University of Oxford suggested that we may be living in a computer simulation.
He said that at least one of the following three propositions must be true:

1. Almost all civilisations at our level of development become extinct before becoming technologically mature.
2. The fraction of technologically mature civilisations that are interested in creating ancestor simulations is almost zero.
3. You are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Now, a group of scientists led by nuclear physicist Silas Beane at the University of Bonn have developed a test that can check, if we really live in a simulated virtual world.
Beane's group is aware they don't have sophisticated methods of simulation, the algorithms and necessary hardware to simulate the quantum universe on a large scale.
Such sophisticated means are unknown yet.
Still, scientists are able to make such simulations in an ultra-small version of the universe that's down to the femto-scale, which is smaller than the nano-scale and where the space-time continuum is replaced by a lattice, (similar to 3D graph paper) to monitor the strong nuclear force in an atom and how it works over time on this scale.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Internet Download Speeds Can Be Much Faster With This Device - Scientists Says!

A novel microscale mechanical switch of light on a silicon chip. This development could lead to advances in computation and signal processing using light instead of electrical current with higher performance and lower power consumption. Credits: University of Minnesota - We benefit from the vast amount of information that can be found on the Internet. Downloading content from internet is a common activity for all internet users but - unfortunately, they can take excessive time.
Now, help is on its way!
A unique and very sophisticated device - that uses light to control light - has been invented by a group of scientists and engineers at the University of Minnesota.

The device, with a high-speed, microscale mechanical switch of light, could cut the cost of internet downloads by making download speeds faster than ever.
“This device is similar to electromechanical relays but operates completely with light,” said Mo Li, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering.
The brilliant idea will contribute to significant advances in computation and signal processing using light instead of electrical current with higher performance and lower power consumption.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Congratulations EU!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Jason and the argot: land where Greek's ancient language survives

An isolated community near the Black Sea coast in a remote part of north-eastern Turkey has been found to speak a Greek dialect that is remarkably close to the extinct language of ancient Greece.
As few as 5,000 people speak the dialect but linguists believe that it is the closest, living language to ancient Greek and could provide an unprecedented insight into the language of Socrates and Plato and how it evolved.
The community lives in a cluster of villages near the Turkish city of Trabzon in what was once the ancient region of Pontus, a Greek colony that Jason and the Argonauts are supposed to have visited on their epic journey from Thessaly to recover the Golden Fleece from the land of Colchis (present-day Georgia). Pontus was also supposed to be the kingdom of the mythical Amazons, a fierce tribe of women who cut off their right breasts in order to handle their bows better in battle.
Linguists found that the dialect, Romeyka, a variety of Pontic Greek, has structural similarities to ancient Greek that are not observed in other forms of the language spoken today. Romeyka's vocabulary also has parallels with the ancient language.
Ioanna Sitaridou, a lecturer in romance philology at the University of Cambridge, said: "Romeyka preserves an impressive number of grammatical traits that add an ancient Greek flavour to the dialect's structure, traits that have been completely lost from other modern Greek varieties.
"Use of the infinitive has been lost in all other Greek dialects known today – so speakers of Modern Greek would say 'I wasn't able that I go' instead of 'I wasn't able to go'. But, in Romeyka, not only is the infinitive preserved, but we also find quirky infinitival constructions that have never been observed before – only in the Romance languages are there parallel constructions."
The villagers who speak Romeyka, which has no written form, show other signs of geographic and cultural isolation. They rarely marry outside their own community and they play a folk music on a special instrument, called a kemenje in Turkish and Romeyka or lyra as it is called in Greek, Dr Sitaridou said. "I only know of one man who married outside his own village," she said. "The music is distinctive and cannot be mistaken for anything else. It is clearly unique to the speakers of Romeyka."
One possibility is that Romeyka speakers today are the direct descendants of ancient Greeks who lived along the Black Sea coast millennia ago – perhaps going back to the 6th or 7th centuries BC when the area was first colonised. But it is also possible that they may be the descendants of indigenous people or an immigrant tribe who were encouraged or forced to speak the language of the ancient Greek colonisers.
Romeykas-speakers today are devout Muslims, so they were allowed to stay in Turkey after the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, when some two million Christians and Muslims were exchanged between Greece and Turkey. Repeated waves of emigration, the dominant influence of the Turkish-speaking majority, and the complete absence of Romeyka from the public arena, have now put it on the list of the world's most endangered languages.
"With as few as 5,000 speakers left in the area, before long, Romeyka could be more of a heritage language than a living vernacular. With its demise would go an unparalleled opportunity to unlock how the Greek language has evolved," said Dr Sitaridou. "Imagine if we could speak to individuals whose grammar is closer to the language of the past. Not only could we map out a new grammar of a contemporary dialect but we could also understand some forms of the language of the past. This is the opportunity that Romeyka presents us with."

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

She came, saw and left!

The theater of the absurd was played out today in Athens. The responsible of the destruction of Greece, German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to give support to under-dialysis (dissolution)Samaras government . Also came in the context of contemporary Goebbel propaganda in a time where we expect the worst financial measures against the Greeks from World War II. Within this communication show, the Greek government is trying to overshadow the social Armageddon in which will throw the Greeks, with the "success" of the Merkel visit  and support on the government from the Chancellor. And believe me, this disgraceful performance will become believable by those to whom it is addressed. And I mean those who will mainly suffer, pensioners and employees. Especially retired people who are willing to be persuaded and to catch any excuse that will ensure their ravaged pensions and they constitute the largest part of the aged Greek population .

Certainly not missing is the symbolism of this performance. The declarations of allegiance to the Greek (;) prime minister, the 7000 policemen and the declaration of martial law, which prohibits the gathering in areas where the "boss" will stop or will pass  in conjunction with the  hegemonic performance of the Chancellor easily refer to occupied area, refer easily to the third Reich days!

What confirms the above is the day. This Day on October 9, 1944, just three days before the German occupation forces leave Greece, Athens was bombed, leaving 6 dead and dozens injured. Irony? Coincidence? Planning or hoax?

The situation in Greece is very difficult. The Germans decided to support the crumbling Samaras government  and prevent undesired  -for them- situations in Greece. The worst they could expect is a government which will not be controlled such as for example a Tsipras government  who leans to the other side of the Atlantic.

However -now AGAIN- we lost the opportunity. We missed opportunity to stand up. To rise up us as Greeks not only by descent but mainly because of international circumstances which give tremendous  advantages in Greece, which holds a geostrategic position of growing importance. The developments in the Middle East, the financial conflict between the United States and Germany, the very good relations with Russia, which sees Greece with much interest because of what is happening in Syria and the possible loss of the naval base, the most intimate relationships with Israel that EEZ and joint research for hydrocarbons and natural gas, and utility of Greece for the interests of China, which sees us as their ticket to the European market, all these together make Greece a very serious player in the global chessboard, a role which the puppets of Merkel, the dependent, trapped in the nets of German agencies, Greek politicians renounce every day, and the Greeks are paying the price!

The greek political system is so addicted and trapped by the Germans, who know all their wrongdoings, they prefer to participate in the genocide unfolding than to "burn" their pelt! 
Quite the contrary i would say, day by day they are becoming harder and hopefully with the help of the "boss" will remain "clean" since any way and every way for reaction from the people will be vanished.

Athens today

Within this frame moved most major media of Greece, which are controlled by people who, in such situations, find enrichment opportunities. Along with them the state media, which showed us the current "inspection" of Ms Merkel as the happiest days of modern Greek history ! While Samaras - Merkel closed agreements with the business "elite" of the two countries: bankers, pharmaceutical, industry, etc. The real world was beeing bombarded by chemicals from the repressive forces of the New World Order and the 4th Reich. Most images of this battle that unfolded on the streets of Athens were shown in the foreign TV networks!

I'll close with a prayer. As at October 9, 1944, the Germans bombed for the last time the city of Athens and left. I hope the visit of the representative of the 4th Reich and the New World Order in our city after 68 years, to be the beginning of the end of them!

P.S.1: Οf course for war reparations and the Occupation Loan Germany owes Greece (Hellas) not a word!

P.S.2: The Stern magazine estimates the war reparations at 370 billion euros!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Irony? Coincidence? Plan?

October 9: Symbolic day today. On October 9, 1944, three days before their departure, the Germans bombard Athens. Report: six dead and 22 wounded. Today, 68 years after, the Germans (Merkel), choose to make a show of strength in town again.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

END the E.N.D

I note with regret the harsh criticism against the movement E.N.D from the first moment they emerge. I regret to note that many who "care" about the salvation of our country, effortlessly throwing bile to these potential "fraudsters", something which is not yet proven!

wrath not attributable showed το the proven crooks who govern us and promissed MONEY and RENEGOTIATION! I'm not a supporter, but as though there is no evidence that the money of Mr Sorras exist, the "evidence" to the contrary is also too loose!

Most major Greek blogs suddenly changed attitude on this issue! Why? The Evidence? Someone called Peter Brown of BANK OF MONTREAL, a search on the internet the more relevant to show you is a partner of the New Point Capital Partners Inc, while within the website of the bank ( the search does not show someone with that name! The BANK OF MONTREAL lawsuits  Mr Sorras, something which incidentally has not-yet-been submitted and ... the "valid" opinion of Greek (German) Ministry of Finance, which for two and a half years cares -along-with the Troika about the Greek economy, says that the documents of the E.N.D are useless. The reliable Ministry of Finance the day following the last election, along with the Greek (;) government,  "renegotiate" the memorandum and are "anxious" to throw out of Greece Mr Thomsen and his friends and by chance minister Stournaras has not yet blackened his eye due to "macho" inside the ministry.

Instead, the names on the documents of the END are real. Indicatively mention David Carrington President Jefferson County Commission.

In prison the "frauds" of the END and let outside the proven traitors! Let out Mrs Benaki and Mr Papoulias, Jeffrey out too, Papaconstantinou out Pangalos who "ate" as he admitted, let out Samaras us who lied in ZAPPEION to follow eventually ... the one way of memorandum. The Thief of the naive Greeks vote, the one that once filled our country with illegal immigrants now supposedly removes them with operation "Xenios Zeus pandering the sacred duty of hospitality of our ancestors! Let Christoforakos and Karavelas od SIEMENS so as to protect specific "saviors" of us!

Yes, blame the E.N.D.  for the new measures, because while "features" 600 billion, it does not give 11 to avoid what preceded the same time that some of our leaders, accused of  laundering 10 billion with the Karouzos gang!

A "crazy" man yes i accept it! But so many at once? Lambrakis, Karyotis etc, I think not. Unless madness is contagious. How else to explain how some risk of becoming a global laughingstock, by "selling" fairy tales.

As for the Mr Kariotis yesterday with them and suddenly became a prosecutor.  The most reliable economics professor is the most "naive" man on the planet! First to jump from the ship? Blackmailed? Indeed He says the truth? My "dirty"  mind could even relate the case with the famous "List".

Okay so let's throw them in Keadas! Let's stick here with the "crafties" the "priests" and our "saviors".

As for those who want our country to go  forward, the German magazine STERN gives us 370 billion!

"Simple math" from Stern: Germany owes Greece 370 billion to Greece

Source: "Simple math" from Stern: Germany owes 370 billion to Greece | # ixzz28ZHco76G

Let us coordinate together to internationalize the issue of German occupation reparations to claim what belongs to us, apart from parties, positions and colors. Together tuned.

It is not our intention to defend E.N.D. If it is all fraud they must actually be convicted. We are not detectives or specialists to prove anything. We tried, from our side to cross the elements communicating via fax and e-mail  with David Carrington President Jefferson County Commission and Peter Brown of New Point Capital Partners Inc. For anything might come up, we will let you know.

By Πύρινος Λόγιος και Γιάννης Αέρας

An incredible document fell into the hands of Logios Hermes website yesterday afternoon, proving that the END and "Billionaire" Artemios Sorras, made ​​a 5 billion dollars offer to the Board of the State of Alabama(!) to prompting that the money must "fall" in the market of Alabama in order to avoiding formal bankruptcy and a part to be allocated to welfare issues for homeless or unemployed!

The document of the offer filed on August 16, 2012  through attorneys brand Barcley, Platt & Schmidt, LLP based in New York, a REAL brand with data, phone, address, etc. We contacted to ascertain the truth of the existence of the law firm  ... a we had a positive result. Our respondents, did not reveale more data to us because of the "danger" that exists in the U.S. legal issues relating to their customers.

The offer is through ... the "nonexistent" for many, mediatory banking firm Diamond & Diamond, located in Toronto, Canada and at 516-18 Wynford Dr, Torondo, Ontario (following telephone, fax and Miles Company) instructed by their client, Artemis Sorras. The offer is addressed also to various state officials in Alabama, among them the Mayor of Birmingham.

As you will see in the documents below, the text of the offer Mr Sorras is offering the amount of 5 billion dollars of a symbolic rate 0.5% in order,  the state, to avoid bankruptcy, and the money to be marketed in Alabama, creating new jobs and simultaneously to be ensured to those in need!

The disarming point of all this, is that the execution of the payment will be made by the Secretary himself of the General-Treasurer of the United States, which is solely responsible - by law - to make such payments and credits associated with state funding!

Also, at the last page of the offer, you will see the signature of Mr Sorras, one witness (Mr John Alexander (Ioannis Alexander) and the second page of the document accompanying the Diamond & Diamond, the signatures of the chief executive of the banking firm as Anthony Diamond and endorsement certifying the authenticity of the signature and stamp Diamond's house approved credit!

Now, let's see ... the validity of this document.

1) The document appears to be valid and we say "appears" because it gives ... too many items to be invalid.

2) The same document indicates the Secretary of the Central Treasurer as paying agent! (Here things get serious too)

3) If the document is valid, but the money ... is nonexistent, then the Central Treasurer will order a preliminary examination and issue a request to the Attorney General of New York to Artemios Sorras to be arrested for fraud against the U.S. government (20 years imprisonment penalty) and against attorneys brand Barcley, Platt & Schmidt, LLP filed by the money ... offer.

4) If the document is a forgery in its entirety, will erupt scandal of such a scale which will sweep all involved in a really difficult judicial adventure and first of all Artemios Sorras!
Tuesday, 2 October 2012

600 billion Dollars deposited by abroad Greeks , to erase the debt!

In a crowded hotel room at Athens the known group, E.N.D. (End National Debt - End Public Debt), composed of Greeks from all over the world, showed the public the ability to redeem, even tomorrow, the public debt of Greece.
The same can be done with the debt of Cyprus. Mr. Soras and Mr. Lambrakis leading the effort  END, gave the supporting evidence .They have already deposited the money namely $ 600 billion to Greece and $ 50 billion for Cyprus in banks in Toronto and Ontario respectively.

According to in their speech which was of strongly patriotic character, both Mr. Soras and Mr. Lambrakis, stressed that they address to Greek citizens, who will remain free. "This place will not fail because some want. It will remain free and will be dominated by Greeks. "

Mr. Soras specifically said: "They could not go bankrupt Greece, because  $600 billion is already deposited for the Greek Republic with some terms. The main condition - term is to be a thorough audit of where the money went. For me something about it is very wrong. And those who "cooked" the deficit account will be accountable. With interest, the one who brought the country here, what evil has been done in the country with his signature. "

Mr. Soras even mentioned that in the memorandum which was signed by Mr. Papandreou with Mr. Papankonstantinou, debt acquisition  from third countries was prohibited. "No one can buy off the public debt of Greece neither Russians nor Chinese nor anyone if it is not Greek. This was probably not predicted by the lenders because they might thought, Is there a Greek with so much money to pay off the debt of Greece? Well, we say, we are here, we are Greeks and the money is there and we have it already submitted. "

The Chairman of the END Mr. Lambrakis medical surgical professor, stressed that E.N.D. was invited a few days ago at the UN team from African and Caribbean countries, where they presented their program. " We got 24 applications for funding states with interest rate 0.5%. This rate is symbolic to justify the loan otherwise it would be considered donation and there will be other issues. For Cypriots who are enslaved, under occupation said, the rate will be 0%. And we deposited the money in Canada. The 600 billion for Greece are also reserved. And verified as genuine."

An important issue that was raised by Mr. Lambrakis and which made a big revelation for the very debt of Greece.

"We were asked why we intervene now. Greece is likely to default in the coming days and you are not told so. The 31.2 billion will go to market. It Is money from bond Greece owes to a private since 1982 and the Greek government is "burned" to pay, and if the government does not have the money from 4-14 October then Greece will go bankrupt. "

Mr. Lambrakis continuing said: "O
ur triptych is  Hope, Justice, Paedia (tr. education). We do not favor any party nor represent any religion. We are above all Greeks. If Orthodox priests put Orthodoxy first and then Greece, they will find us opposite. If leftists put their ideology first and after Greece wewill be against them. The same applies to the Golden Dawn. First and foremost, Greece. "

PS. recent news report that the Republic of Cyprus is in talks with the leadership of the E.N.D.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Happening now!

Fierce clashes in central Athens between anarchists and right-wing fans. Shootings and arrests. Thirty wounded so far.

The plan for civil war in full swing!