Sunday, 7 October 2012

END the E.N.D

I note with regret the harsh criticism against the movement E.N.D from the first moment they emerge. I regret to note that many who "care" about the salvation of our country, effortlessly throwing bile to these potential "fraudsters", something which is not yet proven!

wrath not attributable showed το the proven crooks who govern us and promissed MONEY and RENEGOTIATION! I'm not a supporter, but as though there is no evidence that the money of Mr Sorras exist, the "evidence" to the contrary is also too loose!

Most major Greek blogs suddenly changed attitude on this issue! Why? The Evidence? Someone called Peter Brown of BANK OF MONTREAL, a search on the internet the more relevant to show you is a partner of the New Point Capital Partners Inc, while within the website of the bank (www.bmo.com) the search does not show someone with that name! The BANK OF MONTREAL lawsuits  Mr Sorras, something which incidentally has not-yet-been submitted and ... the "valid" opinion of Greek (German) Ministry of Finance, which for two and a half years cares -along-with the Troika about the Greek economy, says that the documents of the E.N.D are useless. The reliable Ministry of Finance the day following the last election, along with the Greek (;) government,  "renegotiate" the memorandum and are "anxious" to throw out of Greece Mr Thomsen and his friends and by chance minister Stournaras has not yet blackened his eye due to "macho" inside the ministry.

Instead, the names on the documents of the END are real. Indicatively mention David Carrington President Jefferson County Commission.

In prison the "frauds" of the END and let outside the proven traitors! Let out Mrs Benaki and Mr Papoulias, Jeffrey out too, Papaconstantinou out Pangalos who "ate" as he admitted, let out Samaras us who lied in ZAPPEION to follow eventually ... the one way of memorandum. The Thief of the naive Greeks vote, the one that once filled our country with illegal immigrants now supposedly removes them with operation "Xenios Zeus pandering the sacred duty of hospitality of our ancestors! Let Christoforakos and Karavelas od SIEMENS so as to protect specific "saviors" of us!

Yes, blame the E.N.D.  for the new measures, because while "features" 600 billion, it does not give 11 to avoid what preceded the same time that some of our leaders, accused of  laundering 10 billion with the Karouzos gang!

A "crazy" man yes i accept it! But so many at once? Lambrakis, Karyotis etc, I think not. Unless madness is contagious. How else to explain how some risk of becoming a global laughingstock, by "selling" fairy tales.

As for the Mr Kariotis yesterday with them and suddenly became a prosecutor.  The most reliable economics professor is the most "naive" man on the planet! First to jump from the ship? Blackmailed? Indeed He says the truth? My "dirty"  mind could even relate the case with the famous "List".

Okay so let's throw them in Keadas! Let's stick here with the "crafties" the "priests" and our "saviors".

As for those who want our country to go  forward, the German magazine STERN gives us 370 billion!

"Simple math" from Stern: Germany owes Greece 370 billion to Greece

Source: "Simple math" from Stern: Germany owes 370 billion to Greece | iefimerida.gr http://www.iefimerida.gr/node/69590 # ixzz28ZHco76G

Let us coordinate together to internationalize the issue of German occupation reparations to claim what belongs to us, apart from parties, positions and colors. Together tuned.

It is not our intention to defend E.N.D. If it is all fraud they must actually be convicted. We are not detectives or specialists to prove anything. We tried, from our side to cross the elements communicating via fax and e-mail  with David Carrington President Jefferson County Commission and Peter Brown of New Point Capital Partners Inc. For anything might come up, we will let you know.

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