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8000 ancient greek artifacts stolen by the Germans

8000 ancient greek artifacts stolen by the Germans during the Nazi occupation

This is the 1946 report, of the Minister of Education A.Papademos(!) that records the antiquities stolen from our museums, during the occupation by the Germans and Italians. The pages that you are reading are only a few of a multi-page report containing full details of what was stolen from the museums, statues and other objects of immense value.

It should be noted that within the next few days the Ministry of Culture will initiate procedures for the return of 8,000 ancient artifacts. 

 image 1 translation:

Livadia Finding:
  1. three earthen vessels of latehelladic period III
  2. three earthen figurines of latehelladic period III
  3. one earthen lamp (roman period?)
  4. one earthen figurine of a woman (half)
Eypalio Findings:
  1. a damaged bronze helmet possibly of the 6th century bC.
From the outskirts of Thebes 
  1. a small calf possibly of the 5th century bC.
Galaxidi findings:
  1. Five bronze coins
  2. from the showcase of the Ephoreion they (the Germans) removed several valuables, silver buckles modernart pottery pieces and rings.
  3. Αt the end they removed a marble column which had been transferred to the Museum from Ag. Theodori region. Among the offenders was also one named Max Luzak.

image 4  translation: 


....The German military authorities demolished the left corner of the A gate that was well preserved so that trucks can pass. They destroyed also the bottom of the wall so that the top fell after a while and turned into ruins..... 

source: http://www.enikos.gr/politics/24361,To_ntokoymento_ths_ntrophs!.html

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