Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hugh Grant: I am a declared fan of your homeland

interview Maria Lemonia

I first came to Greece when I was too young, "he admits. "I had just finished school, I was18 year old, and I got a very cheap package tour. I still remember the price, even if it seems incredible: it costed only 85 pounds. As soon as I stepped my foot in your country I realized that I would love this place , as the Greeks carry the same madness. "

- Have you come back since then?

Many times. Many years ago I spent some months in the Peloponnese, where I shot a British television serial in which I played the first role. One year, I visited Mykonos, Mytilini another and sometimes Athens. I am a declared fan of your homeland.

Do you have any other Greek friends ?

Yes, some members of the Mavroleon family to accommodated me in a lovely home in Porto Heli. Those holidays were a dream! Greece offers the finest places to rest and fill batteries.

- Do you know any Greek words?

Kalimera (good morning), efharisto (thanks)! Enough or say more?

- And the Greek cuisine?

Delicious! I love souvlaki with pita and I hope today at the gala to get to taste it, as the dinner is organized by the Greeks.

- Nah, I see very british style, they will probably insist on fish and chips.

Do not disappoint me, I came prepared for souvlaki.

- Is there anything that you do not like in Greece?

I love everything except the coffee, I hate it, it is not good for my stomach.

- For the greek temperament what do you have to say?

You are a gifted people with deep History, culture and a happy and beautiful lifestyle in good and bad times. I am impressed 
your cafés are always full of people  and the night life starts at 11 pm. You are Modern Zorbases, experiencing a difficult time. All of us, who love you, believe that your passing through the Simpligades will only make you stronger.

- It is known that you rarely show yourself. What made you introduce Aphrodite  Raikopoulou's concert?

H Aphrodite is a good friend and I'm always there for friends . After all she has all the elements of an artist is in its own unpretentious lonely road of creating.

- What about the Academy Awards?

Streep is a goddess!

- What about the Greek women who 
love you ?

Sorry, ladies, I can not do something about it!

- W
ill we see you soon in Greece?

I would like it, after all, only a few months are left until summer ...

source: http://www.protothema.gr/thema-people/article/?aid=181073

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isadedes said...

Thank you for your support... However, words are like birds, you can hear them, you can see them ( when written ) and then they just fly away with the wind... On the other hand, action are more tangible... When the ancient Greeks decided to build the Acropolis, they thought about it, then spoke about it, decided to build it and finally took action and actually built it.... This action can still be seen after thousans of years... What are the actions you are prepared to take to support your words ???