The following speech was delivered by the Chairnan of the Greek parliament (Mrs Benaki) to the new President of the Greek Democracy (Mr Papoulias) on  February 8th 2005


"You assume, Mr President, the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic for five years where there will be major events and developments: The European integration will promote possibly by the adoption of a Constitutional Treaty, national borders and a part of national sovereignty will be limited for the sake of peace , prosperity and security in an enlarged Europe, human rights and citizenship will be subject to change and maybe protected, but also violated by authorities and powers beyond the known and established, however, and the Democracy will face challenges and will be tested by possible new forms of governance."

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Anonymous said...

That's 8 years ago..

What I want to know is, where did this woman got her information from? Was she the author of this little 'speech' or it was written for her, and if yes, by whom?

Is she related in any way (or the author of this document) to any masonic lodge?

And before anyone jumps up calling "conspiracy theories", just look at what happened after the delivery of this speech, and the state of affairs our country is in in 2012.

Some politicians have a lot to answer for!