Friday, 6 April 2012

Roberto Benigni: The whole world owes Greece

"Greece owes nothing! We owe Greece! The whole world owes Greece everything"
I want to kiss you all in the mouth": This is how Roberto Begnini began his speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd, the Italian actor and director, who received his honorary doctorate at the Section of Italian Language and Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
"It is not Greece that owes. The whole world, Europe owe Greece!" he said. As always ebullient, R.Benigni did not hesitate to climb on the benches in applauses.
 "Thank you. Good evening. Hello my dear friends. I want to kiss you all in the mouth. My heart beats too loud, " said the Italian actror,  who spoke about the "Divine Comedy "."A highly significant moment for the university" said the dean of Aristotle University, John Mylopoulos, added that the ceremony expands the spiritual wealth of the institution.
"Valuable piece of Italian culture" characterized the works of the honored, the chairman of the University Phoebus Gikopoulos.The Professor of the Department Katerina Evangelou, noted that Roberto Benigni is the most prominent descendant of a long tradition of the Italian court jesters and comedy del Arte. She referred also to the relationship with Benigni's "Divine Comedy" of Dante, stressing that he redefined the relationship of the project with the public and freed it from the "dual watch" of the school environment and the historical and literary market.

Roberto Benigni is starring in the new film by Woody Allen To Rome with Love.


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