Saturday, 28 April 2012

Greek (Hellenic) Elections: Dead End

What happens in Greece, lately, is the absolute dead end. The Greeks have been paralyzed by a rotten political system, interrelated with foreign intelligence agencies and interests and completely subjugated. The upcoming elections on May 6th is the total effort of prevalence of the forces that want to "end" Greece (Hellas)!
The political system has taken care to break into supposedly "new" and"independent" parties which after the elections will return to the "matrix" on the occasion of the pseudo dilemma of anarchy and chaos! I'm talking specifically about the two "major" parties, PASOK and Nea Democratia primarily with a part of the "left" wing supporting.

So once again by deceiving the Greek (Hellenic) people, will try to steal the vote, thus continuing the policy that foreign centers, the EU and the International Monetary Fund require at the expense of Greece (Hellas)!

The Democratiki Aristera, of Fotis Kouvelis is the duo's PASOK party with many former executives in it. It is almost certain that the Democratiki Aristera will be the third party if necessary in a co-ruling of PASOK and Nea Democratia.

If the polling rate does not give to the three of them the chance to form a government, then the fourth pole is the party of Panos Kammenos, Aneksartiti Ellines which mainly comes from the 'Viscera' of Nea Democratia. Many may disagree with my view because of the statements that 
Kammenos did saying that: "neither  dead will not cooperate with Antonis Samaras" but let me believe that P. Kammenos is not new in politics. He is an old politician, pulled out from the bowels of ONNED (youth of Nea Dimocratia) and has experience in methods of attracting voters. Even if he refuses cooperation nobody guarantees that the same will do his members. Besides, the -against the Memorandum and the Loan Contract- rhetoric was used by Samaras, who just as easily went to the other side.

the posible new greek government

As it concerns LAOS if it manages to enter the parliament then it is very likely to join the Nea Democratia as before its members Voridis and Georgiadis did
.The only area which states "opposite" to what is happening in Greece in recent years, namely the Memorandum and those arising from this, is the site of the Left. But here there is a big dose of hypocrisy. While "trying" to save the country from the EU and the International Monetary Fund they do not touch -perhaps the biggest problem of Greek society and history- that of illegal immigration and the invasion of millions of settlers. Furthermore within the Left wing are host figures not known for their love of the country,  for example Tatsopoulos candidate of the SYRIZA party, or "comrade Maria" (Repousi) of Kouvelis!

Both Right and Left wing created fertile ground for the sharp rise of the extreme right, which sees rates rising geometrically, based primarily on what others avoid. Illegal immigration. A right-wing with love for the German Nazis do not require payments of independent policy!

Unfortunately for the Greeks, the vote of May 6 will be "non-lesser of two evils"!

Samaras: leader of the Nea Dimocratia (ΝΔ) party
Venizelos: leader of the Pasok (ΠΑΣΟΚ) party
Kouvelis: leader of the Dimokratiki Aristera (ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΚΗ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΡΑ) party
Tsipras: leader of the Syriza (ΣΥΡΙΖΑ) party

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