Sunday, 1 April 2012

Greece and Germany at war

Germany has not signed the peace treaty

Germany was committed to the London agreement in 1953 to compensate Greece when  the two Germanys unify. The London Agreement included the requirement, when the two Germanys be unified, to sign the peace treaty necessarily and immediately pay.They were unified in 1989, and were immediately obliged to honor the written commitments and to sign peace with our country.
Germany refused to sign the Peace Treaty with Greece. This means that from legal and formal terms, Germany is continuing the wara gainst Greece.

Unfortunately this war, the Greeks have experienced and are experiencing is confirming the dictum of Komnenos Pyromaglou in the Greek Parliament in 1959 who stated:

"Germany when a war ends, at first shows a regret, but soon finds a way to continue the war by other means."

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