Fortunately, the Germans are not the ones to decide on compensations!

Reply to the German Foreign Office!

The German Foreign Ministry in a statement yesterday said that for Germany there is no longer war reparations issue. 
The Germans recognize their responsibilities to the ravages of World War II but in the context of cooperation between the two countries within NATO and the European Union for decades, there is no war reparations issue.

This is clearly a statement within the hegemonic framework Germany is moving. It is a statement of arrogance, a hubris so to speak more correctly. And hubris is always punished.

Fortunately for us all Germany is not competent to decide the fate of war reparations.

If for any reason Germany refuses to compensate Greece - Hellas (the only country which is not compensated by the Germans) then the international courts are competent as war reparations have been defined precisely by the Peace Treaty of Paris in 1946 and from the Treaty of London in 1953 (February 27).

And if right now the 4th Reich monitors judicial decisions, this will not be happening forever! 

And the interests will raise the amount! 

Bear in mind that war reparations are not barred!

And it is very likely that the current leadership of Germany -when 
compensations will be paid-  will be in prison for crimes against humanity and genocide of the Greeks (and the Spanish, Portuguese, Irish and probably Germans) which is in progress.

Of course the Germans' refusal to "honor" their signatures gives the corresponding right to the Greeks not to "honor" their own (see loan agreement).

How many decades have passed "friends" and "allies" Germans?

As for Greece, our state demanded compensations in 1945, 1946, 1947, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1987, and 1995 (after the unification of two Germanies).

Well "friends" keep the foolish excuses fot the ...German taxpayer ...!

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