Written by Menelaos Tasiopoulos

The privilege that Greece has against  Germany is the Berlin report on occupation loan and the war reparations of World War II in Greece

Within the euro zone with Greece is in a state of bankruptcy and complete dependence on borrowing by the Union, Germany has managed to close this front, through the Memorandum 1 and 2.

Especially in the new Memorandum, which has been voted by the Greek Parliament with 199 votes, compensation for clearance of loans from Europe is excluded. Nevertheless, the German foreign ministry wanted to close with an explicit and not only on the basis of a loan agreement the whole issue.

Also, as we see announcements like this from the German-Hellenic  Business Association, Berlin wants to blackmail at this stage Greece  officially, in accordance with  the foreign ministry, the attitude that the issue of reparations is historic, and European political establishment has closed. The Greek Foreign Ministry officially confirmed in a statement that the issue of damages remains open for Athens.

What do the Germans fear? Any exit of Greece from the eurozone, voluntary or mandatory.
 In such a case, given that Greece will seek funds for the functioning of the state and to support its economy, at least in the first two years of difficult adjustment, could claim damages, which according to the calculation of Paris, are reaching the amount of 500 billion euros. A huge amount that threatens the dominant position of Germany in Europe.

And of course the exit from the eurozone, may be the result of generalized unrest and overthrow of the current political and party system in Greece, which controls the dominant involvement in "black funds" of Siemens bribes and weapons from Berlin.

Germany has also calculated the process of claiming compensations, which could be followed by Greece, when the decision of withdrawal from the euro and Europe will be taken.

Assign all of its assets (entitle the reparations and sell them) in foreign banks and international funds, which are based in England and the U.S, perhaps in Russia, which is in a state of state capitalism and get in advance discounted capital, or low,
 at rates of 1-2% credit. 

So if we have to calculate a total amount of 500 billion (1 trillion according to other calculations including the loan and the reparations of Paris Peace Treaties) and not only at the level of forced loan,

Greece gives its requirements and takes a total amount of 300 billion and assigns the remaining 200 billion in banks and funds, which they (for example banks, US, Russia etc.) can claim directly from Germany.

The 200 billion euros is too much profit for the protagonists of the international markets to refuse to come into conflict with Germany, and this will complicate matters, today's bullying will collapse and Berlin, will be in a difficult position, threatened by most of international markets or other forces.

Today's relentless and defiant attitude that Germany has followed has its logic.

And at this stage Sachinidis (minister of economics) and his colleagues at the Treasury may not be able to find the files of the compensations and the threatened two-party system may have shut down the Siemens scandal, but forces against the memorandum in Greece have an impact on society. And possibly in the upcoming elections, their presence will be formalized in the parliament and strengthen even further their position, not allowing any, next, government scheme, to make other non acceptable to the interests of Greece, compromises.

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