Monday, 25 August 2014

The Greek Secret

A video, anyone should watch!

Hellenismset of values focused to elevate man, puts him at the center of the universe, making even the Gods subjected to human frailty, and man himself "far above all material things". Not affected by external factors, it does not change its course because there is no central planning, marches haughtily, idifferent for the existance of rival ideas, and this is why it is not vengeful. Does not proselytize, does not select fans and followers. It is universal-human, everyone who comes in contact with it becomes an apostle without an obligation to follow some standard or doctrine. It is a machine put forward by the Greeks (Hellenes) and has since then, been operated alone, independent, powered by all the bright and restless spirits who share its ideas, conciously or unconciously. It is everywhere and always, in space and time so it si UNSTOPPABLE!
The main thing is that Hellenism is a constantly evolving process.
Sunday, 24 August 2014

France rebels against austerity as Europe's recovery collapses


France’s finance minister sends tremors through European capitals with a defiant warning that his country would no longer try to meet deficit targets.

German GDP contracted 0.2pc, is France once again stuck at zero and Italy is already in a triple-dip recession
Eurozone strategy is in tatters after economic recovery ground to a halt across the region and France demanded a radical shift in policy, warning that austerity overkill is driving Europe into a depression.
Growth slumped to zero in the second quarter, with Germany contracting by 0.2pc and France once again stuck at zero. Italy is already in a triple-dip recession.
Yields on 10-year German Bunds fell below 1pc for the first time in history, beneath levels seen during the most extreme episodes of deflation in the 19th century. French yields also touch record lows. Much of the eurozone is replicating the pattern seen in Japan as it slid into a deflation trap in the late 1990s.
It is unclear whether tumbling yields are primarily a warning signal of stagnation ahead or a bet by investors that the European Central Bank will soon be forced to launch quantitative easing, buying government bonds across the board.
Michel Sapin, France’s finance minister, sent tremors through European capitals with a defiant warning that his country would no longer try to meet its deficit targets and would not inflict further damage on its economy by tightening into the downturn. “I refuse to raise taxes to close any budget gaps,” he said.
“What is absolutely necessary is to adjust the pace of deficit reduction to the exceptional situation we are in today. Growth is too weak in Europe and inflation is too low. We must therefore stop reinforcing the causes of this depression,” he told RTL television.
“We must face the figures in front of us with realism. The truth is that, contrary to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund and the [European] Commission, growth has broken down, both in France and in Europe.”
He halved his French growth forecast to 0.5pc this year and to little more than 1pc next year, too weak to stop unemployment hitting fresh highs. The IMF has already warned that there will be no job growth until 2016.
Germany has so far refused to yield any ground on austerity policies but is increasingly vulnerable. Revised data show that the economy has been far weaker than thought over the past two years, falling into a significant double-dip recession last year. Professor Paul De Grauwe, from the London School of Economics, said: “They are victims of their own folly. Germany needs massive investment in its energy sector and it should be doing it now while it can borrow for almost nothing.”

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

"In Greece people die and the party of Schäuble calls itself Christian"

Harsh criticism carries the German television network RTL through a publication in its website, by which directly challenges the effectiveness of austerity programs in Greece and criticizing Wolfgang Schaeuble

The effectiveness of austerity programs and the role of the troika in Greece are being questioned by an analysis in the webpage of the German television network RTL.
As columnist says: "Greece is considered as the European patient; the German popular press likes to outline Greeks as lazy people who are left to be saved by the money of German taxpayers, saying that while Greeks are not paying their taxes, are buying property in Berlin. Of course: The Greek elites contributed with their mindset to create this image. However, a look at the current data of the economy and at the state of 'normal' Greek shows that the imposed austerity by the Troika is a disaster for the citizens."
The columnist criticizes an earlier statement of the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, who had stressed that there is no other excuse for "not to take unpleasant decisions that have to be taken." As the columnist comments: "One thing is clear: In Greece people die because they no longer have money to visit the doctor. And the party of Schäuble calls itself 'Christian'."
The columnist expresses his amazement about the satisfaction expressed by the Troika on the progress of Greek program during its last visit to Athens and said:
"The troika is simply a tool for the complete liberalization of the economy. There is no room for sentiment for the people." The columnist believes that any continuation of harsh austerity measures would be fatal for the country and emphasizes: "As Germany imposed during the crisis between 2008 and 2010 a program to stimulate economic activity, Greece now needs an investment program to maintain and modernize its public infrastructure."
Source: Deutsche Welle

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