Monday, 25 August 2014

The Greek Secret

A video, anyone should watch!

Hellenismset of values focused to elevate man, puts him at the center of the universe, making even the Gods subjected to human frailty, and man himself "far above all material things". Not affected by external factors, it does not change its course because there is no central planning, marches haughtily, idifferent for the existance of rival ideas, and this is why it is not vengeful. Does not proselytize, does not select fans and followers. It is universal-human, everyone who comes in contact with it becomes an apostle without an obligation to follow some standard or doctrine. It is a machine put forward by the Greeks (Hellenes) and has since then, been operated alone, independent, powered by all the bright and restless spirits who share its ideas, conciously or unconciously. It is everywhere and always, in space and time so it si UNSTOPPABLE!
The main thing is that Hellenism is a constantly evolving process.

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