Thursday, 14 June 2012

Liberation: Greece cradle of an other world!

No, what happens in Greece, though dramatic, is not a disaster. It is also an opportunity. Because the power of money has, for the first time, exceeded a target rate of previously progressive, thorough and carefully organized destruction of public interest and human dignity. And in a country so famous for its philosophy of life, the antithesis of the Anglo-Saxonic model, and famous for his tireless resistance to the multiple forms of oppression that tried to rein it.

The Greek does not dance and will never dance on one leg, nor bend slavishly or anything else the regimes want him to do. He dances with his hands, as if he is to fly to the stars. He writes on the walls what he'd like to read elsewhere. He burns a bank when he no longer affords to bake with the traditional barbecue. The Greeks are so alive, as the ideology of the deadly threat. And if the Greek is sickened to death, at the end he always gets up. Yes, the economy of Europe wanted to create an example. But amid the frustration of hitting the country that seemed weaker in the euro area, in the extreme violence the masks fell. It is now more than ever, the time for us to demonstrate its true face: that of totalitarianism. Because this is really what is all about. And there is only one answer to totalitarianism: the fight, persistent and tenacious, until the battle, if necessary, since the very existence jeopardized . We have one world, one life, and values ​​to defend. Everywhere the streets are our brothers, our sisters, our children, our parents, who are  hit in front of our eyes, even if they are away. They are hungry, cold and we are with them. All the hits that they receive equally injure us. Every child in Greece who faints at school, invites us to resentment and rebellion. For the Greeks, it is time to say no, and, for all of us, it's time to support them. Because the Greek people are now leading the battle against economic totalitarianism, everywhere destroying public property, threatening their daily survival, spreading despair, fear and indolence through a war of all against all.

Apart from an emotional anger that is defused by destroying the symbols of oppression, Greeks develop a clear anger, the fighters who refused to give their very lives for the benefit of the banking mafia and logic, that of "mad money". In the assemblies of direct democracy, the movement of civil disobedience movement "We do not pay" and the first experiences of self management, a new Greece emerges at this time, it rejects the tyranny of the market on behalf of the people. I do not know how long it will get people to free themselves from their voluntary work, but it is certain that, faced with the absurdity of client politics, corrupt democracy, the rule of grotesque cynicism of banksters (bank mafia) they will have only the option-against any blackmail - to manage thei affairs on their own.

Greece is our past.
It is also our future.
Discover with her again!
In 2012 we all become Greek!


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