Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sorry we did not change the world!

Greeks voted YES to austerity! The terror that was spread by the eurofascists worked in the weak hearts of -mostly- the aged who consist the majority of the greek population! Even the "deads" got up to vote for ND being afraid they might lose their pensions (propaganda of all the major media in Greece targeting the old aged). The week before the elections ANTENNA channel convinced the Greeks that the cows will stop producing milk if Greece returns to Drachma meaning if they vote for SYRIZA. Austerity and death of economy (and of Greeks) is the only way according to the "ruling class" of Greece. 
The official results, with 69.19% of the votes counted, by the Interior Ministry:
1. NEW DEMOCRACY: 30.11% - 130 seats
2. SYRIZA: 26.49% - 70 seats
3. PASOK: 12.60% 34 seats
4. INDEPENDENT GREEKS 7.43% 20 seats
5. GOLDEN DAWN  6.93% 18 seats
6. DEMOCRATIC LEFT 6.05% 16 seats
7. KKE 4.52% 12 seats
Greece surrendered on June 17 2012!
I apologize to those who trusted us to save the world! I still hope though!
The real winner of the Greek elections, as someone said, is ...Merkel!

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