Thursday, 21 June 2012

Greece is governed by banks and the New World Order

Anastasios Iliades

Watch out people of the world cause ...you are next!

Why an attempt of the complete abolition of the stateis taking place in Greece (Hellas)? 
In any kind of regime, authoritarian, democratic, oligarchic, etc., nothing can run without the existence of the state.! Today in Greece (Hellas) is attempted for the first time in history, implementation of an operating system on which the term "State" has no status. So any form of public service peripheral, state, municipal level should be repealed and all civil servants be dismissed .

Everything will work through a bank with electronic governance that will ensure the 'integration' of a citizen in the system under full control.

This is what G.A.PAPANDREOU built very quickly and the application is made from a specially trained expert in the program, and we mean Mr. Papademos, which provides:

  1. Issue of e-governance citizen's card.
  2. Gradual abolition of every function of every public service of the state.
  3. Integration of all stock transactions to the banks.
  4. Control of assets with ultimate aim every property goes to banks.
  5. Absolute workplace control with the ultimate goal of abolishing all payment because everything will be routed through distribution centers.
  6. Imposition of Genetic Mutated foods and generic drugs.

If any of these is not understood I will give you one example from each.

1 .. It will be required by all citizens to obtain government e-card, because without it they can not operate as Citizens. They will not be able to shop, have a right to work, to get a home, to vote, to create business, etc.

2 .. With the abolition of the state, every document, certificate, marriage license, including legal services, building permits, etc., will be made through special electronic services such as taxis net, so that public services and employees will not anymore be needed.

3 .. All payrolls, grants, insurance contributions, payments, etc., will be made through banks. Even the documents and checks will be conducted by banks. Benefits will be charged and will be arbitrary withholding of accounts.

4 .. The land records that never managed to  be completed, someone will realize, that Greece has already done it to the nearest millimeter, by satellite, and can always be printed, with much greater precision than any mechanical way, any surface on Earth. All real estate individuals will be taxed so that every property will eventually be owned by the banks.

5 .. Scaled payment will be preset, for work and retirement at the end of each year to the next, depending on the income of the country, workers will not receive it because it will be deposited into an account and will they not have the right to take it because their obligations will be paid . They can not have money in their hands. That's excess fees by the end of each year will be retained by the state for the sake of the whole and the security of the country.

6 .. With wind and solar subsidies the country will become  a vast garbage dump which is designed to use only materials of German industry and not the mineral wealth of the country.

7 .. Subsidizing their agricultural produce genetic with mutant seeds and products ancient trees of our country, such as olive, walnut, cherry, etc are destroyed.

All this will happen soon in our country, and indeed to the attention of our politicians who seem unable to react and choose to be with the powerful than with the fear.!

Mr. PAPADEMOS as an expert in the program of NEW ORDER THINGS laid the foundations of the second memorandum, and if the parties that support it  win 181 seats everything will according to the Greek (Hellenic) Costitution, then Greece will be the first country in the world to be governed by the new world order.


source: kostasxan.blogspot.gr

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