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What is going on in the eastern Mediterranean?

In 1947 IN ARCTIC Russians scientists discovered an undersea mountain range that reached Greenland and they named it Lomonosov.This Sierra - ridge is geologically part of Siberia. In 1982 THE INTERNATIONAL LAW OF THE SEA that sets issues of undersea borders to 12 nautical miles of the coast, was signed in the UN. THE INTERNATIONAL LAW OF THE SEA was not agreed and signed by two countries the U.S. (FOR ARCTIC) and Turkey (because of the Aegean islands).

According to this LAW of the UN if a country has undersea Mountains which area geological continuity of this country then its borders expand 12 nautical miles from the end of the undersea mountains.

Therefore Russia's borders reach Greenland and the whole of Arctic belongs to Russia.

In North Pole lies the 25% of global oil deposit and this makes Russia the greatest energy power of the world. This is why the US did not sign the International Law of the Sea. 

On the other hand, if this law applies in Aegean Turkey loses all of it as it has no sierras and thus no energy fields to exploit. The application of the law -in the Aegean sea- by Greece (Hellas) is for Turkey a cause of war. So if Greece (Hellas) dared to apply it, it would lead to conflict. The only way Greece (Hellas) would not apply the law was to lose its sovereignty (with a Memorandum let' s say). But in order to make it happen, Greece (Hellas) would have to go bankrupt through Euro.

Europeans and Americans through Greece (Hellas) want to create a fait accompli to prevent Russia to implement the law of the sea and lose the Arctic. This is the reason why Putin offered 25 billion dollars to Papandreou (and China did so). He was trying to prevent Greece (Hellas) from getting into the IMF. Putin knew that if Greece lost the Aegean, Russia would lose the Arctic. This is why Greece went bankrupt.

But a small country like Cyprus, in its quest for survival, spoiled their plans. Concluded a bilateral agreement with Israel based on the International Law of the Sea. This was a great opportunity for Russia to implement the Law of the Sea. This is why it sent its fleet to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. At the same time Israel -like the US- is trapped to the international law. Israel (and the American allies) directly and indirectly recognize the Law which gives the Arctic to Russia! Turkey now feels isolated and ..."barks" alone!

Americans and Europeans dug the pit and fell into. Now Russia, in order to strengthen its position, was given permission to drill -through GASPROM- in an area that the Turks consider their property! If such thing happens (which is happening) then END OF GAME for Turkey and ...US! This is why the Europeans and the IMF are blackmailing Greece (Hellas) every time that they will not give the next dose of the loan unless Greece (Hellas) surrenders part of its sovereignty. Their latest achievement is the abolition of the Ministry of the Aegean!

Two things still to help to draw conclusions: 

1.In 2010 the Turkish Ministry of Defence asked some academics if oil (in the Aegean) is as much as to justify the war with Greece. The answer was YES.

2. On July 25th 2011 The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a formal notice warning Turkey to leave Cyprus alone or else...

All this information is availiable on the net.

Some questions after what you' ve read in this article:

Q1: Will the Turks attack in Cyprus or Greece with the tolerance of Americans and probably after stimulation of the Israeli?

Q2: If Turkey does so would' t this be a precedent so the law will not apply and would' t Israel lose its ridge?

Q3: If Greece (Hellas) loses its sovereignty due to "bankruptcy" and a result of this will be the non implement of the international law is Russia going to lose the Arctic?

Q4: Is Russia going to attack Turkey because the Turks are ruining the russian plans for Arctic?

Q5: What Greece (Hellas) should do?

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Russian general sends Arctic warning to USA
We will not accept that U.S. vessels equipped with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System operate in our part of the Arctic, head of the Russian General Staff says.
Nikolai Makarov, leader of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, stresses that Russia will take the necessary countermeasures if U.S. vessels with the Aegis system are dislocated to northern waters or to the Black Sea. Talking with journalists, Russia´s highest-ranking military official underlines that the appearance of U.S. vessels in northern Russian waters will definitely “pose a threat”.

“We have matching measures ready,” Makarov says, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports. The general admits, however, that he is not keen on introducing the countermeasures, because they mean “additional financial spending”.


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Norway: NATO Rehearses For War In The Arctic