Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Justice will triumph in the assertion of German reparations

Message of unity and common effort to assert the German reparations emitted in a rare unanimous vote, the entire political world during the debate in the House of Parliament on Wednesday morning, despite the individual "cacophonies" of the Golden Dawn party.

In response to questioning of 60 Members of SYRIZA, Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos assured that "what is ours, we claim it in the correct and legal way and no one is in any doubt that we make all the necessary for this action" sending a clear message that the issue of German reparations, this time, "opened and will be closed, with Justice triumph." "The issue will close and I believe that justice is above all moral" he said.

At the same time, the Foreign Minister made clear in every direction that to restore the issue of reparations should not be seen as a hostile move to the German people. "The citizens of Germany themselves have condemned the atrocities of the Nazi regime. And it is certain that they understand the position of the Greeks, which in no way identifies the current democratic Germany with the Nazi regime, "he said, to fill with meaning that it is wrong "some to attempt to link the fiscal adjustment needed in our country and the major reforms that promote with the issue of the compensations. "

Indeed, as explained, "an issue open for sixty years does not fit the schedule of financial crisis." Instead, Dimitris Avramopoulos argued that, the settlement "ends the last dark spot left to us by history and heralds a new chapter in our relations."

Meanwhile, Dimitris Avramopoulos made known that in this phase, the Legal Council of State made the legal process, evaluation and documentation of the contents of the report prepared by the General Accounting Office - and by extension the claims of Greek public - and informed the members of the National Agency for the competent services of the Ministry of Foreign awaiting legal counsel, that "we have a strong legal basis".

Earlier, the head of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras spoke for a major national issue-as claimed-not claimed or raised so far by Greek governments. "We need to see why and to realize that we are accountable to the Greek people, the generation of national resistance and future generations," he said, noting that the issue should be put up to the Summit and the European public opinion "to create a solidarity movement in Greece. "

Meanwhile, Mr Tsipras argued that "if we accept the logic to distinguish war reparations from the loan we would have no luck at either bilateral negotiations or in legal level" and defended the political negotiation within international and European institutions, with the argument that "a broad grassroots international movement of solidarity to the Greek request is required." He proposed, the formation of a Special Select Committee, from which even asked "to exclude the Nazi party Golden Dawn, whose presence is an embarrassment to the Parliament."

Intervening in the debate an MP of SYRIZA and a symbol of resistance to the anti-Nazi struggle Manolis Glezos welcomed the government's initiative to bring the issue of German reparations and addressed to Foreign Minister requested an immediate discussion on the issue with the German side, noting that "The mere fact that Schaeuble says the issue is being terminated, it means that there was an issue. "

"If the government does this, be sure that it has all the Greek people together because it will finally identify itself with the history of the nation and the future of our country,"he said (Manolis Glezos) and added that "the question is not what Greece (claims)  but what has been adjudged to Germany to pay to our country. "

source: http://www.tanea.gr/news/politics/article/5014076/syzhthsh-gia-tis-germanikes-apozhmiwseis-sth-boylh/

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