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The signs ignored by Sweden and the ringing bell in Greece and Europe

Is Greece becoming the "test tube" of a "European Islamic spring"? Violence on a daily basis is now what is happening in Sweden from the Islamists "immigrants" , who decided to rage against Sweden beneficial to them because a 69 year old Muslim was "murdered" by the police.

Because all seem to have as a starting point, a "murder" (so they decided themselves the "immigrants", ignoring the laws of the State which hosts them and give them everything in the name of multiculturalism and support for weak people) and because it seems that there is a certain "uprising pattern" (do not forget that the events in France had similar a occasion, like the violent episodes in Athens, in 2008 - the murder of the young Alexis by the police or the subsequent episodes of Muslims because of a "torn and trampled "Koran, according to testimony of an Islamist" immigrant"), it will be Europe, and Greece, to take fully into account the "phenomenon of rebellion"and the pretexts by which this "phenomenon" appears.

In the Swedish case, however, there were serious of tangible clues that seemed to increase awareness of how "immigrants" respect the country that accepted them and hosts them and the laws that govern it. But the political and journalistic world of Sweden, chose the path of silence, tolerance, and ultimately their complicity in what is now affecting the image of Sweden.

They chose to hide the visible problem, the provocative attitude of "immigrants." They chose to "dress" with a false image of their own country, they chose to hide delinquency and crimes of "immigrants" against native Swedish population. They chose to embrace multiculturalism, knowing that it was a deadly embrace and-simultaneously-deep insult to existing victims of "immigrants", the Swedish citizens.
So, they wanted to ignore the Swedish authorities that Sweden has a negative record to be the second country in the world to rape women after South Africa and six times more over-proportionally to its population-from the USA. And perhaps it is no coincidence that rapes are by Islamic "immigrants" ...

More specifically, the index of women rape  per 100,000 inhabitants was 9.24 in 2003, in 2005 the index jumped to 36.8 in 2008 and rose to 53.2.

According to statistics 1 in 4 women in Sweden fell or will fall victims of rape. The reason for this sudden increase in rapes is the significant influx of immigrants in the country and 77% of solving rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants, while Muslims do not exceed 5% of the general population.
Main field of the rapes are the urban centers. Last summer in Stockholm the rate of rapes ranged in 5 per day!

The population of Sweden increased from 9 to 9.5 million, between 2004 and 2012 mainly by immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.
The "signs" were there. But no one responded beeing afraid to be classified-by the "politically correct" - as racist. So the fanatic Islamists, who have shown that they do not respect any law of the host state, but accept, follow and try to impose their own Islamic understanding of sociality, today are attacking the country that benefited them, reminding the dog that bites the hand that is feeding it. These signs are evident in other European countries, and this is precisely why the general alarm that currently exists in the old continent.

Statistics Islamist prisoners in relation to the percentage of the population in countries of Europe

Spain: Muslims constitute 70% of total prisoners, but only 2.3% of the country's inhabitants
France: Muslims constitute 66% of the prisoners, but only 7.5% of the country's inhabitants
Switzerland: Muslims constitute 58% of the prisoners, but only 5.7% of the country's inhabitants
Norway: Muslims constitute 30% of the prisoners, but only 3% of the country's inhabitants
Netherlands: Muslims constitute 26% of the prisoners, but only 5.5% of the country's inhabitants
Belgium: Muslims constitute 20% of the prisoners, but only 6% of the country's inhabitants
Italy: Muslims constitute 18% of the prisoners, but only 2.6% of the country's inhabitants
UK: Muslims constitute 12.6% of prisoners, but only 4.6% of the country's inhabitants.

The Greek "case" 

In Greece, of course, things are very different and studies refer to population change after two decades, since the growth of "immigrants" (by continuing their entry, and increased births) leads mathematically Greece in to the Muslim world ...
However, if we consider that it is regular of Islam to claim forcibly the reception  and tolerance area when a critical mass is created, then Greece may be close to a phenomenon of a particular effect "Islamic Explosion"an "Islamic Spring" in a country of Europe. Besides, before hazarding such a venture in more "western" countries, Greece seems to meet all the requirements for an "interesting" experiment of validity and enforcement of Islam against the infidels of the West ...

We live on the verge of maximum developments-paradoxically-not counting uncertain factors such as the tendency of Islam to cover territories by force. If we consider the geopolitical battle given, the case of a - potential disposal of Islam becoming a dominant force in the new order, should not be considered dismissed.If this happens, ie if we lose control and fail to operate the mullahs puppets of the West, then we'll talk about a huge conflict. Moreover, Arab analysts referring to what is happening in Syria talk about "religious war", specifying it so far as feud between Sunnis and Shiites and "deleting" (oddly enough, as analysts) the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa .

In view of developments, if we want to act correctly and wisely as a country, we need to be prepared for the worst, and this is because they are not in our front door, but in ... our house

Εxpecting, any developments, we focus on both the decisions of the Swedish government, and of the Greek (proconsul) government of Antonis Samaras, which is "dying" and may decide to "raise" or and support through-existent retentions risks in a desperate attempt to stay in power.


PS: We should not ignore the very serious potential of supporting the events (military murders, fires, collisions and vandalism in Sweden) by the "guard" politicians who want a quick change in Europe-and of course-in the footsteps of Boston in the making of control conditions of European citizens, through decisions to protect them against Islamic terrorism ...

Europe is changing for the worse and soon we will see policies derogations that will attempt to reduce the political and human rights of European citizens in the name of combating Islamic terrorism. Τhe "danger"may have been created and some decided to trigger their "useful idiots" trough Islam.


source: http://www.prisonplanet.gr/

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