Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Venizelos (nee Turkoglou): "Changes in the geographic data of Greece and Turkey"

The convening of the third "High Level Cooperation Council", in the early Greek Presidency of the European Union was decided by Athens and Ankara during the meeting that lasted about one hour in the Turkish capital between the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey, Ev. Venizelos and Ahmet Davutoglu. The interest lies, in the statements of E.Venizelos who spoke of "change in the geographic data" and is the first time that the Greek side refers to a change in geographic data in the Greek-Turkish relations.

The conversation of the two ministers was followed by a meeting of the delegations of the two Ministries and Ministers (07/19/2013). Then a press conference took place, where the Greek journalists for the first time heard a Greek Foreign Minister to admit that "we, re heading to changes in the geographic data".

"The geographic data are changing" he said and talked about a "new bridge" with attention "not only economic, but also a geopolitical bridge between Greece and Turkey", referring to the TAP pipeline .

To question is how the "geographic data" between Greece and Turkey can be changed? Would the borders be abolished? Will there be an acceptance of the revisionist positions of Turkey against Greece?

source: http://www.defencenet.gr/

Is this yet another "prophetic" statement like the one of Mrs Benaki in 2005 who talked about changing borders, limiting the sovereignty and test of democracy in Greece?




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