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Hellenic Socialistic Dictatorship

"We decide and we order" that was the motto of the dictator Papadopoulos 45 years ago. That is what Mr G. Papandreou's "socialistic" governance is all about. Socialistic Dictatorship i would call it and not without a reason. In the steps of Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak and Muamar Quaddafi, all of them socialists, the president of Socialist International could not differ. 

Mr Papandreou and his gang, true children of "socialism" put Greece (Hellas) in the most ruthless neoliberalistic policy (from the greek word πολιτική) ever, using the debt as an excuse! Practicing what they have learned in the "How to be a good socialist" courses given by Goldman Sachs' s experts.

This governance has all the characteristics (from the greek word χαρακτηριστικό) of a dictatorship. First of all it is not legitimate. Mr Papandreou stole the vote from Greeks (Hellenes) by lying when he was insisting that "There is money". He kept on lying after the elections when he was assuring Greeks (Hellenes) that IMF is not an option while at the same time he was discussing (inviting it) with Dominique Strauss Kann as the last revealed.

He knew everything about the situation of greek economy as Mr Provopoulos (manager of the Bank of Greece), Mr Steinbruck (former German minister of economics) and others had informed him. Not to mention his secret meetings with the "profitmakers" (such as Mr George Soros at the Pentelikon Hotel in Athens April 23rd 2010) the same time he was trying to "fight" them with "gun on the table". Of course the democrat Mr Papandreou never informed the Greeks (Hellenes) what was discussed in those meetings! As we will never know (at least by him) what he is discussing with Mr Erdogan in his secret diplomacy.

Another characteristic of a dictatorship that the Papandreou goverment has, is acts against the greek constitution. First of all the The MEMORANDUM OF ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL POLICIES according to the greek constitution needed to be voted by the 3/5 of the Hellenic   Parliament. Illegally -and against the constitution- the minister of economics signs the new versions of the Memorandum overriding the Parliament. The participation of Greece (Hellas) with support troops in Libya was the decision of Mr Papandreou ONLY!

Propaganda is also an important factor in Papandreou's governance as it is in all dictatorships. All the mainstream media (few exceptions) are in the same side of the river. Participating in all  major strikes with only one purpose, to leave Greeks (Hellenes) in darkness. Athens was at war at May 5th an December 15th 2010 and the greek media were broadcasting documentaries! The MEMORANDUM was the ONLY way, they keep telling. The brain wash that we experience in the greek media has never existed before! The "Socialistic" Party of Mr Papandreou votes acts and laws and Greeks don't even know! In the KERATEA region of Athens for four months a war is in progress between civilians and the police and the only way to keep up with this topic is the internet! The mainstream media did not even mention it! 

Violence another characteristic of a dictatorship. Plenty of it as you can watch in the videos above. KERATEA region of Athens is at war for four months. The brutality of the police is extraordinary. The "Socialistic" goverment denies any dialogue. The reason? Papandreou' s goverment wants to establish  a dumping ground at the area and the citizens do not. 
Doing everything they can to satisfy the creditors they have put Greeks in despare, Willing to sacrifice the  sovereignty of the greek state (by not setting the Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ) they are giving up the greek oil that exist under the Aegean (Aegeas father of Theseus King of Athens from whom the Aegean sea was named after) sea in secret diplomacy with the Turks as WIKILEAKS revealed! 
Mr Papandreou never hides his efforts for global governence establishment therefore he is opposing to the ideas of a nation. An example of this is the abolishment of the word "NATIONAL" of all the state ministries a day after his election in October 2009! Watch the video:

Economist Conference: «Meeting the challenges through leadership strategy» | Prime Minister’s speech April 29, 2010

And most of all they are a goverment who has lost the sanction of the Greeks (Hellenes) as all the latest polls show!

One of Mr Papandreou's mottos in the pre-election period was: "Socialism or barbarism", now given the situation it is hard for me to choose!

"The establishment of the dumping ground will occur because it is the goverment's decision" 

Theodora Tzakri: minister of the Papandreou goverment 2011

"We decide and we order"

G. Papadopoulos Dictator of Greece (Hellas) 1967

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