Monday, 16 May 2011

Who' s in "shit -and yet very deep" Mr Strauss-Kahn?

Just a few months after Mr IMF stated that "Greeks are steeped in shit" he is accused of sexual harassmentAuthorities took him off an Air France flight on Saturday, just before takeoff from JFK airport after a chambermaid from the SOTITEL HOTEL in New York accused him.

Greeks are steeped in shit” Mr Strauss Kahn said during a documentary about his life filmed by French channel Canal Plus. Mr IMF chose unacceptable, abusive and offensive descriptions to express his views about the Greek economic realities and the circumstances under which the greater part of Greek people live. 

Seems that his arrogance was ment to be punished. I do not know if he did it or not, but times like this i think that NEMESIS still pays visits!!

I definately think though that Mr Strauss Kahn is steeped in shit!!

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