Saturday, 26 May 2012

If this is Europe, we don't want it!

SHOCK: Mother and son jump from the roof hand in hand!

The tragic incident happened yesterday at 8 am. Mother and son climbed on the roof of the building in which they lived in Metaxourgio Athens and dipped down!

The first information refer to financial problems. Both in recent years lived with the mother's pension, which was 340 euros. The 60 year old son was unemployed musician in the profession.

Note that a few days ago the musician posted on a site describing the problems they faced, but nobody moved ... "The problem is that I had not planned to have enough cash in my account, and suddenly the economic crisis started. Although I have enough property and sell at cost, I have run out of cash and we can no longer eat, and my credit card with 22% rate is full  even if the banks borrow at 1%, and i also have other running costs. I live a dramatic life. I have no solution. I have Enough property but no cash and no food, what now? Does anyone know any solution? Powerfull of the world, for the economic crisis you created, you must be hanged, at least " the memo concluded.

The case that comes a day after the suicide of 60-year man with many children, who cut his veins on a bench and left there his last breath.

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