Thursday, 24 May 2012

Response to the Euro-fascists!

The Greek people have never been asked,
therefore they are not obliged to honor any 


Written by Pyros the Athenian

Everyone in Greece (Hellas) knows that our country is not independent. Since the Greek revolution the vultures of the West devoured all the independent voices of the newly state, with great example the assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first (and only) independent ruler of Greece (Hellas).

 Since then Greece (Hellas) is "tied" to the chariot of Europe. Wanted desperately to join the "civilized" Europe, where the principles of democracy, equality and justice - which incidentally is a Greek (Hellenic) gift, but nobody deliberately did not educate the Greeks, who were completely unaware of their history, and emerged from a period of 400 years of obscurantism - represented hope and joy of a people who had suffered so.

We were convinced by the "civilized" Europeans, or rather we tried to convince ourselves at all costs - that we are part of Europe (of course, Europe got its name from Greek mythology and the word is very much Greek) that we participate as equal partners in the European architecture, that the loss of economic sovereignty, which was granted by our inclusion in the common currency, was a small sacrifice in front of the common good of Europe (of Germany as demonstrated ).

So the Greeks due to naivety and - most importantly - because of historical ignorance, were "delivered" in the arms of (German) Europe. A Europe which had not overcome the negative stereotypes against the Greeks, which was carrying since the Middle Ages. Proof of this is the ease with which - most Europeans - accepted and welcomed the German - mostly - Media propaganda against the Greeks (Hellenes). A hatred that goes back to the 5th AD and culminated in Charlemagne (ninth century), who never received recognition and legitimacy as successor of the Roman Empire. Besides, so it was. Since then the Germans guarding us, as history has proven many times.

Once they took the Greek polls results, the "Fuhrers" of Berlin put aside any pretense of democratic legitimacy of the EU and began mud expulsion threats of Greece 
(excact phrase from an article by G. Delastik at the EPIKAIRA magazine). Openly threatening that if the Greeks (Hellenes) did not honor their signatures and commitments, namely to consent to physical extermination because of austerity and recession of the memorandums, would be expeled from the eurozone.But the German "friends" and "partners" forget that the Greek people never consented to any memorandum, any austerity measures and when they were given the opportunity, through democratic processes-, spoken up their opposition to it. Therefore, it is not required, the Greek people to honor an agreement that they did not make! 

Unlike, the one who must stand by its commitments and signatures is Germany as a defeated, must compensate Greece for Nazi atrocities and return the entirely conventional loan which they took from Greece!

I was trying to understand the German mentality, but in vain. The vanity of the attempt to repeat the germanization of 
the rest non-German Europe, when the Germans themselves have suffered so many losses from previous failures suggests schizophrenic tendencies. They do not realize that the only thing they manage from their action is reaction? The same reaction that created the fifth century in Byzantium the anti-german movement called "Panhellenic" which had as its purpose to prevent the germanization of the eastern part of the Roman Empire and finally completed successfully its mission. This is what happens now but it is not happening only in Greece. 

Greeks (Hellenes) and many Europeans are realizing every day the new (;) orientation of the unified Europe that is not what everyone hoped it would be, ie social welfare, equity, solidarity, and democracy but instead turned into an undemocratic Europe where decisions are not made by elected - but appointed by secret places, commissioners who override the popular mandate, where the economy and the rules of precedence stand over the dignity of human existence and democracy, in which Europe of people has become a Europe of banks.

So this is not the Europe we want. We do not need, and the threats of the Eurofascists for expulsion of our country from the euro area and Europe, in my ears sound like ... greetings, wishes to come true!


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