Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Alonso: "A Spanish driver, an Italian car, designed by a Greek, won in Germany"

The echo of the profound political statement of Fernando Alonso after winning the Grand Prix of Germany, reminiscent of how unfair would be the battle between sports and politics, if they both decided to compete in the same terrain.
The Spanish driver of the Ferrari, made a state, when the sight of publicity was turned on him, sending a deafening message to Berlin, Angela Merkel, and all that .....
sluggish minds in Europe today still believe they can manage for themselves the fate of peoples and societies, without giving the required account.
"A Spanish driver, an Italian car, designed by a Greek (Nikos Tombazis), won in Germany." Just like that. A picture of the not too distant future, when you consider what happened at the recent summit in Brussels. And more importantly, what are to come, in a Europe on the verge of social explosion.

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Anonymous said...

Spanish, Portuguese, Italians and of course our brothers and parents -The Greeks- are the REAL WESTERN CIVILIZATION and not all those barbarians of northern Europe...