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We do not forget!



Abstract: Thereafter some inconvenient background for the G8 at Camp David. Who does that Merkler take herself for?
Hitler started his career in 1920 as a pawn of the antijewish plutocrat Henry Ford, and Dr H. Schacht, himself a pawn of JP Morgan. By turning the Peoples of Europe into the serfs of banksters, and of........

The privilege that Greece has against  Germany is the Berlin report on occupation loan and the war reparations of World War II in Greece
Within the euro zone with Greece is in a state of bankruptcy and complete dependence on borrowing by the Union, Germany has managed to close this front, through the Memorandum 1 and 2.
Especially in the new Memorandum, which has been voted by the Greek Parliament with 199 votes, compensation for clearance of loans from Europe is excluded. Nevertheless, the German foreign ministry....... 

Reply to the German Foreign Office!

The German Foreign Ministry in a statement yesterday said that for Germany there is no longer war reparations issue. 
The Germans recognize their responsibilities to the ravages of World War II but in the context of cooperation between the two countries within NATO and the European Union for decades, there is no war reparations issue.....

Greece and Germany at war

Germany was committed to the London agreement in 1953 to compensate Greece when  the two Germanys unify. The London Agreement included the requirement, when the two Germanys be unified, to sign the peace treaty necessarily and immediately pay.They were unified in 1989, and were immediately obliged to honor the written commitments and to sign peace with our country.


Honorable members of the European Parliament
Honorabler members of the EU Commission

The steering Committee of the ELG, mindful of the duty of solidarity by and equality of all members of the European Union, observes for some time now with dismay the hostile attitude of the officials of the German Government and of the German press and public, against the Greek Nation and the people of Greece in its present difficult situation. It observes that although Greece with a public debt of $532 bln is last in the list of countries with excessive public debt, far after UK ($8,980 bln), Germany ($4,712 bln),Ireland ($2,131 bln) Austria ($754 bln), Denmark ($559 bln), yet it is facing an unprescedented attack against the national dignity of its 

Germany Was Biggest Debt Transgressor of 20th Century

Think Greece's current economic malaise is the worst ever experienced in Europe? Think again. Germany, economic historian Albrecht Ritschl argues in a SPIEGEL ONLINE interview, has been the worst debtor nation of the past century. He warns the country should take a more chaste approach in the euro crisis or it could face renewed demands for World War II reparations.

Albrecht Ritschl: "If Germany paid war compensations, would go bankrupt immediately”

After the Second World War, Germany left behind a Europe essentially damaged. Furthermore, because of frivolous options, the same over the past century,  has gone bankrupt three times. If it were not for the U.S., which helped financially after the war, and countries such as Greece, which never claimed war damages, now my country would not have the economic power it has. I've said it before and am not afraid to repeat to you, Karipidis: Germany is the biggest sinner in the 20th century and perhaps of modern economic history. more...

It is as simple as it sounds. By now, everybody knows that Germany -as the defeated one- owes Greece (Hellas) war reparations from world war II . By now, every loss payee got reparation except Greece which -by the way- suffered the most, according to the Nazi minister of Economics and President of Reichsbank Walter Funk who stated: "Greece suffered the pain of war and its consequences like -maybe- no other european country". more...

Jacques Delpla: Germany owes Greece €575bn from WWII

Talking to Les Echos the French econonmist Jacques Delpla claims that Germany still owes €575bn as a result of World War. He calls on Greece to respect its engagements with Europe by being serious about reforms and repayment of the debt. And he calls on Germany to keep its engagements with Europe by continuing to support Greece. more...

German War Reparation to Greece!

According to the Paris Peace Treaties (Paris 1947) Germany owes Greece War Reparations estimated (with the interests) about one (1) trillion euros! The issue came up the past few months along with the so called bankruptcy and became a popular demand (the payment) after the unacceptable articles, shows and commercials in Germany attacking Greeks showing them as the corrupted, lazy Balkanian living out of the "German tax payer" money. more...

Took them a while, but Germany has finally finished paying off reparations for that nasty bit of business almost a century ago.Germany was forced to pay the reparations at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 as compensation to the war-ravaged nations of Belgium and France and to pay the Allies some of the costs of waging what was then the bloodiest conflict in history, leaving nearly ten million soldiers dead.The initial sum agreed upon for war damages in 1919 was 226 billion Reichsmarks (about 750 billion US dollars), a sum later reduced to 132 billion (about 400 billion US), £22 billion (roughly 37.5 billion US dollars) at the timemore...

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