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A letter from a Greek pilot, father of 3 children

Bahrain 06.08.12

Dear friends,

I write this letter not as father of 3 children that,  I want to bequeath to them a free homeland , proud and with future,  values and ideals and maybe some assets, which today still belong to us, nor as a son, brother, grandson, and uncle to see my own people to lose their past, present and future.

I am writing, as a Greek that I see the crimes committed  in my country for the last 2 years, Italy, and  Spain today and your country tomorrow, with victims not only  the Greek people as a whole,  but also the annihilation of Greece, its history and the end of Hellenism.  And all I did, was to stare with sadness and apathy, watching them destroying, households, economies and countries. They are killing us all. 
There must be a revolution, but not with guns, stones and violence. We must force the International Criminal Court,  to activate the procedures to investigate the crimes against the Greeks, paving possibly the path to save the whole of humanity. When did the politicians tell us what UNITES us as humans? They only tell us what DIVIDES us.
Let’s use their means. There must be a communicative ‘ war ‘, so all people know  what is really going on,  leaving aside our differences imposed by political parties, religion, casts, football or other non-sence, while others benefit, by creating wars, destroying and by restructuring  countries, foreclosuring homes they sold to you by providing loans out of thin air money, while putting their hands on your country’s wealth and natural resources.
In the following  website of wikipedia, you will see a list of countries by their external debt. I will not comment on the fact that Greece is far behind in rank yet needed,  “rescuing”, while countries , top in the list, with several trillion debt each, do not need anything. I will just mention this: looking at the list, we see that all the countries are moving around by lending, even countries rich in oil, or with heavy industry such as Germany and that almost all, are heavy in debts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_external_debt

And why  Greece, 2% of EU GDP,  is the daemon we must burn? Because it followed the same recipe?  Change the recipe, then. What did we do that was so terrible? Absolutely nothing. We just had the “misfortune” to have a unique land which,  some have decided to ravage. To succeed, however, was necessary to allay yet deceive us and they used all means possible. The dissolution of the education, the replacement of the mother and upbringing of  children by the vicious TV, the fictitious prosperity and taking away our savings,  the libel, the grueling austerity measures and  psychological violence, unemployment and the collapse of the economies. We all know very well, the success of a business besides the good product, requires the 3 following:  location, location, location. Well, Greece has both. Product and Location.


Do not adopt the spectator’s syndrom. Banks and Banksters are responsible for what is going on, although Politicians have the full responsibility. We vote and pay them to be civil servants, or else must be punished.

We need YOU. We cannot spell SUCCESS without the letter U. Every individual is a U.
When your turn comes will be nobody left to speak for you. For this, we must all together enter into the battle for the salvation of Greece and your nations tomorrow, by the means of  the International Criminal Court and bring fraudsters into justice for crimes against Greece and the Greek people and restore real democracy.

The war nowadays, is not done by soldiers in tanks but by men in suites in banks and political offices and various lobbies. The fear has some usefulness,  cowardice, has none,  M. Gandhi, said. All of us, with a spine left in our backs, must not be timids and lets stand upright, because our children and generations to come, will  grow up spineless,  like plankton in the sea or straw in the air. PARASITES!!!!!!!!!

As a first step, in this communication and legal war, I invite you to, please read, sign and pass on, the petition on the link below,  to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, to activate examination of crimes against Greece and Greek people  and punish the culprits. Not to be limited only to this. Learn and update, consider yourself other simple ways to be active and put pressure on the courts and implement them. Notify, all who you know about that, just as I am now doing  on this initiative.  http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/save-democracy-in-greece-save-the-cradle-of-western-c/sign.html

Neither smarter nor more Patriot I am of you. I was born and I want to die, Anthropos, Greek and Free.

Honored  you read this,

Anastasios A. Kalogiropoulos 

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