Tuesday, 7 August 2012

This is why they "HIT" Greece!

The German media group Axel Springer AG has vital interests and corporate relations in Turkey. This is the company that owns the newspaper Bild, which for many months is mud campaigning against  Greece, and this has cost the country's image. Fewof us, however, could assume that over the defense of German interests, the aim of the newspaper is the denigration of Greek tourism, which greatly favors the competitors of our country. Among them, of course, also include the neighboring Turkey and the practitioners and the tourism industry group Dogan Yayin Holding, which publishes the Hurriyet, the Milliyet, and other print forms. 
The ties between the two corporate giants, as the ETHNOS newspaper informs, are not limited to 10% of the shares held by the Germans. There is a broader strategic alliance, which is reflected by the participation of the Director of Bild,  Kai Diekmann, in the board of the newspaper Hurriyet, which belongs to Dogan. 

Kai Diekmann

Indeed, relations between the two groups could be even closer if the project went on increasing the proportion of Germans in 25%, but was canceled when the Turkish giant was fined 3.75 billion Turkish lira for tax evasion in 2009. Note that in 2011, the year he escalated the attacks of  Bild to Greece, investment of Dogan family added a large tourist units in Asia Minor, in areas that are directly competitive with the popular Greek destinations in the Aegean. 

SOURCE: http://www.newsbeast.gr

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