Thursday, 21 March 2013


Next new criminal in Angela Merkel’s government. Wolfgang Schaeuble Germany’s finance minister uses terror against the honest people of Cyprus ! This man are not enough black boxes of stolen money in the days when he was a trusted by Helmut Kohl. He wants to steal not only Cypriots but also all of Europe !!!
Germany’s finance minister has warned Cyprus that its crisis-stricken banks may never be able to reopen if it rejects the terms of a bailout. Wolfgang Schaeuble said major Cypriot banks were “insolvent if there are no emergency funds”.
He was speaking after the Cypriot parliament rejected an international bailout deal that would have imposed a one-off tax on bank deposits. Frantic talks are under way to try to agree an alternative plan.
Leaders of political parties in Cyprus are due to meet later after parliament rejected the controversial levy, proposed as part of a 10bn-Euro bailout package.
Not a single MP voted in favour of the controversial deal, sending a clear message to Brussels that the strategy needs a drastic rethink, our correspondent adds.
Late on Tuesday, Mr Schaeuble said that he “regretted” the vote.
”The ECB (European Central Bank) has made it clear that without a reform programme for Cyprus the aid can’t continue. Someone has to explain this to the Cypriots and I think there’s a danger that they won’t be able to open the banks again at all,“ he said.
”Two big Cypriot banks are insolvent if there are no emergency funds from the European Central Bank,” Mr Schauble added.
Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades called the talks between party leaders when it became clear that the measure would not be passed by parliament. Fearing a run on accounts, Cyprus has shut its banks until at least Thursday. The local stock exchange also remains closed.

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