Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vice President of the EU: "Long live Greece"

"If there was no Greece we would still be barbarians and pagans," Mr Tajani said adding that Europe should help Greece to avoid losing tools for development.

Addressing the joint conference for SMEs organized by the European Commission and the General Secretariat of Industry, and the Greeks in general, Mr Tajani said that "

half a billion Europeans owe our existence to Greece and exclaimed "Long live Greece."
"Greece has already done much to modernize its economy," said Vice EU stressing that there can be no Europe without Greece", he said.

"When a child is struggling father needs to show this interest to address the difficulty. This is what we should do with Greece, " he said.

The European Commission also noted the need to find alternative methods of financing for SMEs, but also to foster openness in specific sectors such as tourism, technology, industry.

source: http://www.newsbomb.gr/politikh/story/287282/zito-i-ellas-anafonise-o-antiproedros-tis-komision 

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