Monday, 25 February 2013

Sorras lawsuit: Member of the parliament waives immunity.

Nikos Nikolopoulos

Nikos Nikolopoulos: 

Letter to the Chairman of the Hellenic Parliament "I waive my immunity  ... in order the lawsuit of HIGH TREASON to be litigated."

Answering the question and asked to be formally informed the House on the Sorras case.

The ultimate cleanup of the Greek authorities and the Ministry of Finance, of the case of 600 billion USD, that Artemis Sorras claims is real and available to the Greek government to redeem the foreign debt of the country, seeking the independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos , who in his question to the Minister of Finance, requests to know if "tests have been carried out into the allegations of Mr. Sorras and what has emerged from them."

As the coordinator of the Christian Democratic Movement in his question says, it's been three months since the last written answer Mr Stournaras that his request (of Mr. Art. Sorrras) has been forwarded to the Governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr. George Provopoulos, the Deputy General Director of the Public Debt Management Agency (PDMA) Vassilis Mastrokalos and 23 Directorate General Accounting Office (GAO) to undertake the legal action.

Artemis Sorras

Lawsuit against the 300 members for high treason by Mr Sorras.

During this time there was no official announcement of the results of the Sorras's proposal solvency tests, thus remains an official ignorance about the reliability or otherwise of the proposal allowing Mr. Sorras to criticize the political world and even sue all the 300 members in total for treason.

 So Mr. Nikolopoulos asks once again the official inform of the House on this issue, and being informed of the lawsuit of Mr. Sorras against all MPs with another letter to the Chairman of the House, Mr. E . Meimarakis, notes that he "accepts the lifting of his parliamentary immunity, since in this way facilitates the cleanup and clarification of the case."


"Regardless of what anyone may believe personally, the case for months is on concern of the public and has been seen in different ways, the limelight of publicity, without any official organ of the Greek state to give a clear and unambiguous answer to the people and Parliament for the accuracy and reliability of the proposal.
And the question is: Are there competent authorities in our country, and what they do?
Why does the Greek state seem to sleep and not engages, allowing the cultivation of a variety of scenarios, in favor of one or the other point of view?
Given the critical time for the country, the long-term existence of gray areas, is detrimental in many ways, "says Mr. Nikolopoulos.

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