Thursday, 7 February 2013

Reichenbach: IMF admits austerity program mistake? No idea, no program revision…

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What if the IMF officially admitted wrong multipliers and false calculations applied for the Greek austerity program. Horst Reichenabch, head of the EU Task Force rejects any discussion on a possible program modification.
“At a time when Greece has managed to overcome the difficult phase of this program, I don’t see how this discussion could be opened, at least from the side of the Task Force,” Reichenabch told reporters in Thessaloniki.He added, he was not competent to comment on the issue and noted, the Task Force was here to support Greece and push reforms that Greece wanted to do.
 Horst Raichenmpach spoke positively about the Greek government saying “it performs very serious efforts to improve the economic climate, to strictly implement the reforms” and this will “actually lead to improvement of the business climate for Greece.”

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