Friday, 8 February 2013

Gracias Grecia

An amazing video they made together Spanish students with their teachers from Murcia, thanking Greece for what it has offered to mankind.
The title of the video is "Gracias, Grecia Nuestra herencia" which means: "Thank you Greece, our heritage" and reflects the achievements of our country in language, science and the arts. The Spanish tribute to our country for offering philosophy, mathematics and music.
In the video the Spanish students report: «Grecia está presente en muchos aspectos de nuestra vida cotidiana» ie: "Greece is present in many aspects of our daily life."
A seven minute tribute to Greece, Prof. Latin, Aristides Mingketh at the beginning of the video says: "More things than you think are Greek." Indeed, the Spaniards speak Greek!

 "If you do not know, you're talking more Greek than you think," and follows a reference to Greek words that are common not only in Spain but throughout the world as the alphabet, math and history. Then, the young students tell their own thanks to Greece. "Thanks for the moral, Plato, history, Socrates, the dialectical" and together with one voice on the philosophy!
The camera then goes to the school library, the photocopier, the music room, the "art of the Muses". Everywhere there is a reference to Greek roots. On the blackboard some ancient Greek, while the camera is moving to the courtyard, where everyone thanks for "gymnastics sports". Then about politics and democracy! Words, which owe their existence to Greece. Similar parallels are made with medical terms. Of course, do not forget the wine and the god ... Dionysus!

Students gather in the courtyard and everyone makes their own reference of Greek words. Here's a tribute to the ancient Greek theater!

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