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The contribution of the Greeks (Hellenes)

The Legacy of Greece

IN spite of many differences, no age has had closer
affinities with Ancient Greece than our own; none
has based its deeper life so largely on ideals which
the Greeks brought into the world. History does
not repeat itself. Yet, if the twentieth century
searched through the past for its nearest spiritual
kin, it is in the fifth and following centuries before
Christ that they would be found. Again and again,
as we study Greek thought and literature, behind
the veil woven by time and distance, the face that
meets us is our own, younger, with fewer lines and
wrinkles on its features and with more definite and
deliberate purpose in its eyes. For these reasons we
are to-day in a position, as no other age has been,
to understand Ancient Greece, to learn the lessons
it teaches, and, in studying the ideals and fortunes
of men with whom we have so much in common,
to gain a fuller power of understanding and estimat­
ing our own. This book -- the first of its kind in
English -- aims at giving some idea of what the
world owes to Greece in various realms of the
spirit and the intellect, and of what it can still
learn from her.


The Legacy of Greece

Book by R. W. Livingstone; Clarendon Press, 1921

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