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Germany Calling

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FROM THE GERMAN JOURNALISTS OF www.german-foreign-policy.com
Translated by Edward Spalton and staff of Free Nations

Dateline: September 2002

As I pointed out in my paper Der Drang nach Osten of May 1999 (see 'Archive' on www.ukconservatism.freeuk.com) the German political class has never really accepted the post war settlements of 1918 and 1945. In that paper I translated a motion put down by the then Governing Parties in Germany - Christian Democrats and Free Democrats - and passed by the German Parliament on 7th July 1998. The motion was: "Refugees, evacuees and German minorities are a bridge between the Germans and their Eastern Neighbours". The motion began:

"The expansion of the European Union to the east represents for Germany a great opportunity."
Throughout the long statement of this motion it would have became clear to the outsider (but unfortunately and typically this unique translation was never published anywhere in the British press) that Germany was using the idea, the structures, the concepts and the power of the European union to pursue her expansion into Eastern Europe.

During the rise of fascism and German Imperialism in the 1930s those, like Winston Churchill, who warned of the dangers for Britain and indeed the whole world were derided as "Germanophobe". Today those who, like myself (in the books Europe's Full Circle and Fascist Europe Rising) have said the same thing in recent years about the true nature of the European Union are equally attacked on the grounds that 1. we are exaggerating in our use of the word "fascism" and 2. Germany is now a "democratic country" and is no threat to its neighbours. The detailed proofs of the fascist nature of the European Union and its supporters in Europe's Full Circle (and in John Laughland's The Tainted Source) and the proofs of German expansionism in Fascist Europe Rising have, I hope, answered these two objections. The journalists of "German Foreign Policy" translated here by Edward Spalton, daily provide further proofs.
There are many Germans - even a majority - who recognise the dangerous adventurism of their own political class and the threat to other nations of a German State which has successfully constructed and marshalled the powers of the "European" Union to promote its historical aims in both Eastern and western Europe.

The threat to the United Kingdom economically has long been evident and the final abolition of the Bank of England, the Treasury, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and British national sovereignty through "joining the Euro" is imminent. What even a few years ago would have been seen as fanciful scaremongering is today the main constitutional plank in the manifestoes of the Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties.

The constitutional undermining of the United Kingdom is now a historical fact and the promotion of petty nationalist resentment by the European Union and German Government- sponsored organisations like the GfbV (see Edward Spalton's translation of our first paper from german-foreign-policy) are designed, along with the EU's "Europe of the Regions", to break up the non racial nation states of Europe and concentrate power at the centre of the new imperial State. Germany's increasing domination of Europe is based not so much on destroying nations in general but specifically those which have proved to be stable non-racial nations - like the UK, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. For if Germany can isolate nations on the grounds of race then by definition Germany becomes the most powerful racial nation. If (as the GfbV sets out to achieve with its replay of the Nazis "Blut und Boden" (blood and soil) philosophy) the new State can promote "ethnic rights" inside other nations then direct intervention in those states can be justified by German Europe using the central powers of the EU and its recently established "anti-xenophobia" laws.

Equally the European Union's "citizenship" "freedom of movement of citizens" and freedom to invest in a "single market" all combine to give the German State, German industry and German people free rein to resettle, take over and control Eastern Europe.
With Edward Spalton's regular translations and other material already provided in English by German journalists we are pleased to be able to feature Germany Calling as a regular contribution to the analysis of German Imperialism and EU fascism as the British political class continues its betrayal of those who gave their lives in two world wars.

Rodney Atkinson
September 2002

The Tainted Source, John Laugland, Warner Books, London 1998
Europe's Full Circle, Rodney Atkinson, see publications on this site
Fascist Europe Rising, Rodney Atkinson, see publications on this site

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