Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Junta in Greece

The Dictator Samaras with a ministerial decree abolished the National Television (ERT) and sacked 2656 employees. People started swarming outside the building of National Television as a sign of support to redundant employees. Once the national television overcame the barriers and suddenly a nationwide tv channel finally started telling the truth to the people, the dictator in panic ordered the police to turn off all transmitters!

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Anonymous said...

I posted these two comments on Facebook but will re-post them here.

1. there's quite a bit of misinformation in the above article. It was announced at 6 p.m. that ERT would stop transmitting at 12 midnight. No panic involved. This organization was a scandal. The taxpayers were paying for exhorbitant salaries, way too many employees who mostly just sat on their bottoms doing nothing. These people will be get their severance pay and will be able to reapply for jobs in the new public broadcasting system. They will however have to pass entrance exams just as people all over Greece are doing. What is strange is that 1.500 private employees (in a country with a population of 11 million) who were dismissed from their jobs with no hope of finding another, and countless others who have had their salaries reduced to a third of what they were getting before the Germans took control have not been accorded the same loud protests. I am so sick of all this hypocrisy.

The government should have taken steps years ago to re-organize the government TV stations. But they didn't because they didn't have to courage to risk the loss of votes. So the situation just kept going from bad to worse. I don't see why this government (which I consider a gang of thieves and incompetents, just as the previous ones were) could not have rectified the situation instead of shutting everything down and starting again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I made a mistake. The number of private employees is 1 million 5 hundred thousand, not 1.500 as I wrote.

Anonymous said...

You're not wrong in what you' re saying but you are not saying it all. Yes there were employees who simply did nothing and were paid very - very well. Yes there was mismanagement and many other bad things. What you' re not saying is who hired those men and who is responsible for this mess. Well you should mention that mr. Kedikoglou (the government spokesman who announced closure of the company) hired many of them scandalously. You have not mentioned that it is the same "gang" who now want to consolidate this company who created this mess. That the two (former) major parties filled the company with their voters and put their "dudes" on the managing board resulting the today's situation. Mr Kedikoglu was a former employee who was hired in ERT in such a way. His father was high in the ierarchy of the NEA DIMOKRATIA the party which now is in power. I can write about those corrupted politicians all night long. Yes i agree that the company should be reformed but not in this fascist way. And certainly not by those who brought it in this situation. ERT is the only Greek tv channel broadcasting in areas of Greece where the the second choice are the Turkish ones. ERT is the voice of GREECE for the Greeks abroad. The only source of information from homeland. Know that -among other-that the company was profitable!