Monday, 10 June 2013

Shouldn't Thomsen be arrested?

After the cynical confession that the IMF program in Greece failed, we ask the Greek Government, whether a warrant will be issued for the immediate arrest of the Head of  the Pillar of Troika in Greece, Paul Thomsen!

From the first moment he set his foot in Greece, as a defiant and arrogant ruler he did not want to hear anything and no argument, nor the voice of the people who had to say "Wrong recipe is given, we will die!"

And behold the results of the prescription of the IMF, with the blessings of Merkel  and her  company of course:

-Over 1,500,000 unemployed!
-More than 100,000 jobless added monthly to the endless list of unemployed
-More than 200,000 scientists have left immigrants in search of the dream to other countries
-Wages and pensions, far below the poverty line, ie, misery!
-Public Health, Education reached the limits of nothingness.
-Half businesses already put padlock
-More than 4000 suicides caused by austerity policies

And much more we could expose, who did the last citizen of this country to shout: Arrest Thomsen!

Yes, he is not the culpable for everything that happens, but it will give a message to all local
and foreign bosses, that the Greek people have already woken up!

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source: http://tro-ma-ktiko.blogspot.gr/2013/06/blog-post_8260.html

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