Friday, 28 February 2014

A "gift" to FRAU MERKEL

The Greek Foreign Minister mr Venizelos (nee Turkoglou according to the US Embassy) characterizes as inadequate the report of the task of the Legal Council of the State. This report is about the German debts to Greece (Hellas) and specifically the forced Occupation Loan and the World War I & II Reparations. Questions are raised by the strange delays in moving the case forward.

As it is known, the issue was reopened by Mr. D. Avramopoulos, who as foreign minister, moved methodically to claim the debt under the rules of international law.

The assumption, however, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Mr Venizelos (nee Turkoglou according to the US Embassysuddenly paused all progress. 

While within  short time there was very important progress by the actions and initiatives of Mr. Avramopoulos, Mr. Venizelos not only does not show a similar mobility, but instead follows a delaying tactic in the subject.

A year ago, the Legal Council of State had been entrusted to the drafting finding on the issue of German reparations. It is unknown when the final report was delivered, but was regarded as a closely guarded secret.

There is information that the report was delivered months ago to Mr Venizelos, who however, has not -since now- shown any intention in proceeding to the next stage of the German reparations claim. 

However, pressure was enforced by members of all parties, without exception the New Democracy parliamentarians, about the fate, the content and the findings of the Legal Council of State.

The President of PASOK, to avoid giving clear answers, claimed that the content of the report is secret.

But when rumors started spreading about the impending question tabling in parliament from all the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA, led by Mr.Tsipras himself, Mr. Venizelos was alarmed and decided to change tactic. Of course, this is not by choosing to take the next step of claiming parliamentary allowances, but to delay the process further. How?

By claiming the findings prepared by the Legal Council of the State as inadequate, which Mr Venizelos remitted to the plenary of the SLC. 

Speaking last night in the House Mr. Venizelos spoke of deficiencies of the findings, noting characteristically that "the findings are not what I would recommend  the Hellenic Republic to follow."

In fact, Mr. Venizelos does not want to annoy Berlin with such an issue, and especially in the pre-election period. His ambition is to take back the issue as far as possible.

Besides this, the issue of German reparations is a ' red flag ' for the Germans and especially to Mr. Schäuble. For the record, the only one who replied to the German Finance Minister was Mr. Avramopoulos, who paid for this reply with his dismissal from the Foreign Ministry.  










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