Monday, 10 February 2014

Furious Citizens burned tolls in Athens

The unprecedented and unreasonable increases in tolls brought violent reaction.

Residents of the surrounding areas went to the Malakasa tolls and after they pulled the employees from the cabins, set them on fire to protest for the increase in the price of transit.

The incident took place yesterday just before 8 pm and according to reports people who had responded to the call of the Municipality of Oropos to protest against the increase in tolls arrived and set the fire .

All this happened in the wake of unreasonable increases in the price of the toll that reached 100% in many cases, thus increasing the cost of moving of the already impoverished Greeks.

The increase is not due to improved benefits and services or to launch new road projects . It is known that these measures are designed to serve specific interests of contractors and big tv stations owners as we are in the middle of an election period.

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