Saturday, 8 October 2011

Anti-German protest in Greece (Anti-Deutschland-Proteste in Griechenland)

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Anonymous said...

Greece's standing in the world is plummetting ever further as these juvenile antics are broadcast around the world. I used to be a hellenophile, but the face that the Greeks have shown to the world these past few years -- fraudulent and corrupt, selfish and self-pitying -- is simply revolting. Pulling out the Nazi card only illustrates how low Greek public discourse has sunk. How is this different from the anti-Semitic venom (world conspiracy of Jewish bankers, etc.) of old? Yes, Greece suffered a great deal under the German occupation of WWII. But in the past lifetime (66 years), Greece has received nothing but benefits from Germany, for example in the form of EC and EU transfers (which German, Austrian, and Dutch taxpayers have financed completely out of proportion to their countries' share of the European economy). I admire the German public and political class for their angelic forebearance with this country of ingrates. I marvel that German taxpayers are willing to pour untold billions into Greece, a country to which they owe nothing. When has Greece ever shown comparable generosity to its neighbors, or indeed any generosity to anyone?

For several years now, Greece has held the world hostage with threats of another global financial meltdown, and acted like the victim into the bargain.

I still keep alive the hope that the image I see in the world media is not representative of the population at large. But if that is so, it would behoove the silent majority to go out on the streets to demonstrate their gratitude to their European neighbors, and to disown their compatriots who sully the name of Greece with their shameful racist insults against Germany.

Anonymous said...

For you if somebody says that all Jews are bankers and conspirators is propaganda. But at the same time you believe that Greeks are "fraudulent and corrupt, selfish and self-pitying". Replaced a propaganda with another. You replaced Jews with Greeks. You do not like the first propaganda and prefer the second or more what some people want you to prefer. You do not see that you are a victim (;) of those who want you to say what you say.
It is so easy –with a little research even in this insignificant blog- to find answers to this modern Jew Greek propaganda (for example http://greeceandworld.blogspot.com/2011/09/sell-your-islands-you-bankrupt-greeks.html)

As for the taxpayers shit:
The money that goes to Greece (Hellas) from the Europeans (Europe was a Greek princes daughter of Cadmus king of Phoenicia), goes through loans with high interest (usurious interests) meaning that our “partners” in EU will make profit out of greek (odious) debt. And if Greece wont get to repay they made sure -through the loan contract- that they will be paid by eliminating greek sovereignty. Either way the lenders are winners!

Those “corrupted lazy Greeks” named the continent that you live (?) in. Those “lazy” guys found the time to form a language that gave Germans the word Land to use it as a second synthetic in Deutchland (I can prove the first too) because without it they cannot even pronounce their country and you say “I admire the German public and political class for their angelic forebearance with this country of ingrates” Wow!!

You dare demanding Greeks to show gratitude! To whom and for what!

My friend you have been such a “Hellenophile”!

Anonymous said...

The reason why Germany and France are so keen to save Greece is the fact that banks of both countries own greek government bonds of about 60 billion Euros in total.

Banks in Germany have been hit hard by the financial crisis which was caused by anglo-american banks and their game with housing credits in the USA and UK. Another financial blow of this dimension might cause the entire economy in Europe to collapse. Not sure if this is a good thing to happen....

So far about the facts. My personal opinion is that business and economy has reached a stage where society is about to split between rich and poor. Everything is done for the good of banks, industry and big companies. The average people need to pay for a minority earning billions each year. The win is privatized and the loss is socialized. In the UK, in Germany, in the USA and in Greece. Germany is not the social paradise it was 30 years ago. I need to work until I am 68 and politics in Germany are planning to raise the retirement age to 70. According to the Germany government I will only get 30% of the pension my father is getting right now. Considering the money I pay every month into state pension this is a joke. Germany is going to face huge social problems in a couple of years! If I read the same time about what was going on in Greece and who and how Greece has brought itself and the entire EU into this mess then I am not sure if it's nice to burn german flags. I also hate Merkel and her government. Her internal politics in Germany is pure mess and she has lied to people several times. I also think the EU is a bureaucratic monster and and total waste of tax money but the fact that the people in Greece are making Germany the scapegoat for the mess their corrupt politicians and greedy upper class has caused makes me angry and sad. Take back the money from the people who stole it Greek society.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you in general but i wonder is Aphrodite of Milos less sacred than the german flag?