Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Summit of european leaders: Not a word about war reparations!

Greek debt, greek crisis, greek bond "haircut", greek bankraptcy etc. Everybody is talking about what Greece (Hellas) owes, but nobody is talking about what is owed. And what Greece (Hellas) is owed is much, much more! It is estimated that Germany owes Greece (Hellas) war reperations from WWII about 1,3 trillion euros (7 billion dollars prices 1938, according to the Paris peace treaties, today estimated 108 billions without the interests, the forced occupation loan -3,5 billion dollars prices 1938- today 54 billion dollars without the interests. With a 3,5% interest, the amount that Gemany owes Greece (Hellas) rises to 1,3 trillion euros!).

As mr Albrecht Richl (professor of history of economy in the London school of economics) stated in an interwiew of his, in the greek magazine EPIKAIRA (issue 104 October 13 2011), that, if Germany pays war reparations to Greece (Hellas) it will immediately (Germany) go bankrupt. Not to mention the compensations to the Nazi victims in Greece (Hellas).

Professor Jacques Depla in an interwiew of his in the french newspaper "Les Echos" stated that Germany owes Greece (Hellas) €575b.

In October 3rd 2010 Germany paid France and Belgium nearly £60m final world war I reparations after 92 years! This gives a strong argument to the greek side, to insist on claiming the war reperations from Germany.  The international law, also makes clear that reparation and compensation dues never expire!

Today the european leaders are discussing the percentage of the greek bond "haircut". In other words the greek bankruptcy. Greece (Hellas) goes bankrupt for a (odius) debt of nearly €400b at the same time that Germany owes (Greece) €1,3t. Instead of having Germany going bankrupt, the opposite happens!

This is due to mr Papandreou's governance -mainly- and the corrupted greek political system in general. Pasok is so corrupted and dependent by Germany and german companies such as Siemens that there is not a chance this goverment say no to the imperialistic (and fascistic) desires of the German goverment and whoever is behind it. This is also the reason why Papandreou is still in governance. He is the wiling boy and he must be kept in governance at least until the "job" is finished! He has lost the confidence of greek people as he has taken the hardest austerity measures ever in any country with zero results.

Well, it is crystal clear that this man will never bring up the war reparations issue because he serves anything but the greek interests.

The good thing is that everything he did is against the greek constitution and the one to erase all of his actions i am sure will come (definately not from this parliament). Then mr Papandreou and his gang along with the representatives of the fourth Reich in Greece (Hellas) will have to stand in front of the greek people. Then Germany will have to face bankraptcy because the war reparations will be paid!

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