Thursday, 3 November 2011

The end of a dictator?

Eva Kaili

A member of parliament goes independent
This morning the member of the greek parliament and PASOK, Eva Kaili went independent declaring that she won't give vote of confidence to the greek goverment! Two other menmbers, mrs Merenditi and Panariti, also stated that they too will not give vote of confindence. Mr Papandreou now, lacks majority in the greek parliament and it is sure that elections are on the way!  

Venizelos (nee Turkoglou) - (Goeffrey) Papandreou

The end of mr Papandreou
It is certain that mr Papandreou is a political corpse. The same applies for mr Venizelos (nee Turkoglou), Loverdos and all the first in class members of PASOK who managed to destroy a nation within two years. Not to mention that the referendum is out of question!

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