Sunday, 19 February 2012

Huge thanks from Greece!

- All European capitals flooded by the tsunami of support for Greece

- Even the Germans got to the streets

- The unprecedented mobilization was done through internet

- "Pardon our governments", "Greece is not being yourself." Read their cues

The global protest in favor of Greece with the slogan "We are all Greeks" was made in squares, outside Greek embassies and consulates in 20 cities around the world. From Paris to Rome and from Dusseldorf to Madrid as people joined their voices in New York while the merger would take place in the evening (GMT) at Zoukoti, the park where they had camped for months the members of the movement Occupy New York.

In Paris people began gathering at Trocadero Square, known as the "Human Rights Square", followed the road to the Greek embassy.

From 15:00 GMT more than a thousand people of all ages, including families with children, flooded the square, chanting slogans of solidarity with Greece.
The atmosphere was combative and enthusiastic without violence. And when  the Greek music rang, the crowd spontaneously started dancing under the gaze of gold covered statues that adorn the square.

Paris 18th Feb 2012

Paris 18th Feb 2012

Paris 18th Feb 2012

Paris 18th Feb 2012

 Berlin 18th Feb 2012

 Concentration of the movement "We are all Greeks" was held today even in Germany and particularly in Berlin.
Dozens of Germans and Greeks gathered in the Wittenberg square, outside the Greek Consulate in order to proclaim their support to the Greek people affected by austerity measures.During the assembly songs of Mikis Theodorakis were heard  and slogans such as "International Solidarity" and read messages of support.

Brussels 18th Feb 2012

Similar events are planned in Leipzig and Cologne.Such are the pictures from Belgium and specifically Brussels where people are holding Greek flags and touting "Greece you're not alone"In the current slogans, the protesters speak for "dictatorship of stock markets" and the desire for "equitable sharing of wealth and of the commons" among the peoples of Europe.Over a total of 17 organizations have signed up under the coordination of the Union of Trade Unions solidarity.Among the many trade unions and other leftist groups, the movement of "indignant" and the "Initiative of Greek students and employees."Partner is the "Left Front" created in collaboration with the French Communist Party and other anti-capitalist parties in view of the presidential elections in the former socialist candidate Jean-Luc Melanson, who repeatedly in his speeches has complained about the situation in Greece ."The Greek people need international solidarity and call for support. We respond to their call. We are all Greeks! "Say the users of social networking sites.The initiative of solidarity with Greece and the Greek people began in France, when people asked the Greek citizenship from the Greek Embassy with the slogan "I am myself a Greek."The website «jesuisgrec.blogspot.com» sign text Europeans solidarity with Greece and Greek citizenship request, wanting me to register so their support to the Greek people ravaged by the economic crisis.

 Berlin 18th Feb 2012

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