Friday, 24 February 2012

Painful embargo against Germany and its products: 5.1 billion less in 1 year!

 ... Painful for the Germans is the embargo on German products that organizations and bodies have declared in Greece: a decrease of 13%, which corresponds to 5.1 billion, showed the German exports to Greece in 2011, according to the head of Foreign Trade of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Volker Traier.The demand for smaller vehicles and machines reflects of course  "the painful process of adjustment in Greece and the negative climate created between the Greeks against Germany," said F.Traier to the German newspaper Handelsblatt.As the newspaper notes, the data of the Federal Statistical Office show that exports from Germany to Greece have returned to 2002 levels, and intensifies the negative sentiment among consumers for German products.In Greece, the current refusal to purchase German products is growing every day at all levels of the food sales in the super - market, to the German cars that their sales have collapsed...
For 2012 it is estimated that the reductions in German exports will exceed 17% at a total amount of 17 billion euros. "No more loans" the Germans say, "no more German products"  consumers respond and the motto is "And the last euro anywhere other than German products".
source: defencenet.gr

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the german economy hardly recognized any decrease in sales of german products in Greece. If due to the high ranking of the greek economy within german trade partners or just because the germans have falsified the numbers, is yet unknown. Proceed in your heroic fight of the world wide conspiracy against Greece, brothers and sisters! Don't buy any german, french, dutch, finnish, english goods. Send all tourists back to where they came from. Only drive greek made cars, use greek made maschines, eat greek products only, wear only greek made cloth and enjoy the beautyful corners of your country alone. Show all the world what they will be missing, without the greeks on their side. Shame on the world and hail all the competent, honest and grateful greek people! Funxxsta

Anonymous said...

1. The numbers are given by the Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt). You' re saying we should call it German Statistics?
2. Greeks, for sure, don't want to buy german malfunctioning submarines.
3. Heroes were our ancestors in Asia Minor who experienced the taste of genocide by the Turks under the instructions of Otto Liman Von Sanders and our Fathers who died resisting the Nazis. For this we' re grateful!

After all we, the "conspiracy theory fans" are a few guys "eating" tear gases at Syntagma Square claiming this irrational thing such as DEMOCRACY!