Monday, 13 February 2012

Over 1 million Greeks at Syntagma Square.

(photo from newsbeast.gr)

I was there. It was perhaps the largest gathering in the history of Greece (Hellas). They knew that. 
The metro was crowded like I' ve never seen before. Not even at the big gatherings of June 2011 were there so many people.
Over one million Greeks (Hellenes) were there and that was a problem. The dictatorship did not want this sea of people to be seen on world wide media. The plan was the same as every time. First, "anarchists" (disquised policemen according to the protesters) start messing around with the police, the police throw tear gas, the protesters leave. Second, the media are focusing on the mess and "forget" about the true reason of the gathering. The will of over one million protesters turns into a tv show! The propaganda continues, the "officials" announce that 80.000 people was the number of the protesters. Diminishing the purpose and the the true meaning of the gathering the dictatorship tries to hide its true character. Abolition of DEMOCRACY that' s what' s happening in Greece (Hellas)!

The appointment was set at five in the afternoon at Syntagma square. At 17pm sharp we were at the Omonoia station on our way to Syntagma. About 700 meters before our destination we saw people running toward us. They were trying to avoid the tear gas. Before I even realise what was happening my eyes and breath started burning. I could not see and I could not breathe. The center of Athens turned into a gas chamber in minutes. There was not a place to stand. Small groups of policemen were spread around spraying the protesters. 

(members of the Hellenic Parliament watching football while Athens burn)

In the Hellenic Parliament our (?) members were watching footbal while Athens was burning downl!!! 199 of them voted YES to the new austerity measures. A new genocide of the Greeks (Hellenes) is in progress. They are forced to live with 32% cut of their wage (480 Euros per month!) while the prices are running high. Electricity for example was increased about 25% within a year! 

Finally the peacefull demonstration was dissolved. The media did their job. Greece (Hellas) is delivered tho the bankers. They managed though to unite all Greeks (Hellenes). They managed to make us furius. The genocide will fail. The end of NWO in Greece (Hellas) has started. The next time Greeks (Hellenes) will be prepared. 

P.S. Rumors saying that German and Bulgarian police special forces participated also, were spead throughout the greek internet.

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