Sunday, 23 September 2012

Greece will burn after the us elections!

Obama has ordered: Greece must be kept within in the eurozone until the U.S. elections. Reuters reported the fact that exposure to Greek debt from the IMF and the EU will be delayed and will be made public after the U.S. elections!

It is clear that everything, methodically marching under this plan, according to which, after the U.S. elections and the almost certain re-election of Obama to the presidency, Holocaust is expected  in Greece!

Our country has entered the incinerator and  rapid developments are expected,  that will lead to an unprecedented change for the worse of things in our country. Already the first messages began to arrive: If Greece fails to meet its goals in 2013, to January 1, 2014 will impose new measures flattening wages and pensions! Almost certainly also be considered the name of Skopje "Upper Macedonia" or "New Macedonia"! Name that will give Skopje after Obama's re-election, just as did Bush Junior after the second election to the U.S. Presidency, when he recognized FYROM as "Republic of Macedonia".

Decisions about the burning of Greece and other areas that will flatten the country and its people (economy, new inflows of illegal immigrants from possible war in the Middle East) have been received. It is certain that the Samaras government knows , but do not speak.

There is some serious information that something going on in the Ministry of Public Order. Ie that any measures taken to rapid changes and impacts on Greece, immediately after the U.S. elections. We do not want to continue any further in order not to frighten anyone. But ask the Minister of Public Order, Mr. Dendias: You know something more sir Dendias for upcoming in our country after the U.S. elections? What do the Obama-statements and decisions have to do with the report of the troika after the U.S. elections? They prepare a hurricane Katrina-new invasion against Greece?

PS. Is it true that the Public Οrder Μinistry purchased thousands of bags for corpses?
What do they know? We have the right to know!

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