Saturday, 15 September 2012

Jean-Luc Godard: “We should thank Greece”

“We should thank Greece. It is the West which has a debt to Greece.

Jean-Luc Godard has cancelled his trip to the Cannes Film Festival, where he participated with his new film  “Film Socialisme”.

2010 marks the 50th anniversary of his first film, “Breathless.” (À bout de Souffle)”
In a laconic letter that he sent to the french newspaper “La Liberation”, the filmmaker made a reference to the financial issues of Greece.
“Due to problems the Greeks would be familiar with, I unfortunately cannot be at your disposal in Cannes,” he said.
“I’d walk to the ends of the earth for the festival,” he added, “But alas I will not be taking a single step further. Sincerely, Jean-Luc Godard.”
In its original French, the statement read: “Suite à des problèmes de type Grec, je ne pourrai être votre obligé à Cannes.“Avec le festival, j’irai jusqu’à la mort, mais je ne ferai pas un pas de plus. Amicalement. Jean-Luc Godard.”
In another interview to  the `Les Inrocks`magazine  Godard said the following:
“We should thank Greece. It was the West which has a debt to Greece. Philosophy, democracy, the tragedy … We always forget the link between tragedy and democracy. Without Sophocles there isn’t a Pericles. Without Pericles there isn’t a Sophocles.
The technological world in which we live in owes everything to Greece. Who invented logic? Aristotle. If this and that, therefore that. This is what the dominant powers use all day, making sure that there is certainty and no contradiction, so that we can continue being rational. Hannah Arendt had said that logic takes us away from totalitarianism. So everybody owes money to Greece today. Greece could ask for a trillion copyrights to the contemporary world and it would be logical to give them to her. Immediately.
Greeks are accused of being liars … It reminds me of an old syllogism that I learned in school. Epaminondas is a liar, or all the Greeks are liars, therefore Epaminondas is Greek. We have not advanced much. “
(Excerpt from an interview to `Les Inrocks`magazine  on May 18, 2010.)

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Anonymous said...

I must say one huge THANK YOU to this GREAT man Jean-Luc Godard for his comments about Greece.

I believe, the only solution for Greece, right now, is to create a mixed governance with all the parties having the same authority toward decisions.

In addition, Greece has to go out of the Euro and back to Drachma. Stop all imports for German products, give nothing back as Germany still ows Greece from the war and accept the 600 odd, billion dollars from Greeks abroad.

Or another otion is, that all Greek governments and whoever has been involved with them in ripping people off all these years, of the past and present, should be judged strictly by Greek people and kill them slowly and give a nice example to the rest of the world corrupted governments.

with Drachma

Anonymous said...

lol right on brother