Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Portugal: The army threatens to interfere with movement because of the Memorandum

Portugal, for the first time after the "carnation revolution", is driven in an emergency situation by the Armed Forces of the country who threaten with a military movement and intervention in political life, if  the policy of Memorandum that has impoverished the Portuguese (too) continues. They call the prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho to resign (actually he is asked to "migrate")!

In its communication, the Associação de Praças (AP) is accusing the Portuguese government coalition that is "destroying the country" and that "the people turned into guinea pigs for social experiments with the new austerity measures!".

"It is clear that the policies imposed by this government have failed. Have focused on dissolution of the workers and social rights by imposing more and more austerity, more unemployment and more insecurity " among other highlights in communication the Associação de Praças (AP).

But the Union of Portuguese military armed forces goes one step further outside of recommendations: It warns the government that they will not stand still in the new wave of austerity sweeping the Portuguese society!

In its communication, the AP states that it wishes to remain a mere observer "as this despicable attack was being prepared" noting that "it is not the culture of the Army to avoid situations!"

"Mr. Prime Minister, for the sake of Portugal and the Portuguese do them a favor and resign now leave the country" (!) Even mentioned in the statement, which comes after the permission of AP to the Portuguese military to attend Saturday concentrations as they are too citizens "

The AP also accuses the government of Portugal that has "turned the poor poorer and the middle class in neopoors leading a devastated country without any target in the abyss." And the statement ends with a clear warning that "the Portuguese armed forces will be forced to take the fate of the country in their hands!"

"We will not allow the Troika (EU, ECB, IMF) and no other to continue. We have legal authority to defend the Portuguese constitution and we can not, nor will not abandon a nation with 900 years history fade away because you decided to make Portugal hostage to international business cycles. "

Finally, the AP reminds Coelho that "All personnel of the armed forces of the country has vowed to defend the country, to guard the Constitution and laws of the Republic and void such pursued policies because they are contrary to what the armed forces have vowed ".

It is the third time in the last two weeks the Associação de Praças sent a similar warning to the Portuguese government and say that "it is the last"! Imagine if they had to face external threat and the Memorandum policy of disarming  (that is happening in Greece) what they would do: They would han invaded with chariots in the prime minister's office!


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